People become gradually weakened as they get older. In such a situation, people do not even recognize their relatives. It is very important to take care of people suffering from Alzheimer’s. To take care of such patients, a special village has been created in France in which only Alzheimer’s patients live. 

In the south-west region of France there is a small village named Dax. Except for Volunteers, only 105 people live here. All of them are suffering from Alzheimer’s. Therefore this village is called Alzheimer’s village. A similar village named De Hogevec has already been built for Alzheimer’s victims in the Netherlands as well. On the same lines, the first such village in France has been built. 

Village made to make patients feel good- Despite
struggling with memory loss Alzheimer’s disease, the villagers do not appear disappointed. The reason for this is that the local administration and some outsiders have made the village so that the villagers do not feel patient. Here special grocery and fruit shops, cafeterias, libraries, music rooms are available for these Alzheimer’s victims.

The nurse also wears normal clothes —
there are nurses to care for patients, but they appear only in common clothes, not in uniforms such as coats. The aim is that the patients feel themselves in open natural atmosphere instead of in the hospital. He did not remember the disease again and again. The village was established in June this year.

Full freedom is given –
Alzheimer’s patients living here are given complete freedom so that they do not feel helpless. A variety of facilities have been provided for their entertainment. They are included in daily activities such as shopping, cooking, haircut etc. so that they feel self-sufficient. It is believed that the disease does not reach its worst stage due to its involvement in everyday activities. 

Slowly the patients become self-sufficient – the
first woman to stay in the village, Madeleine Elisalde (82), says the whole village is like my home. Here we are looked after properly. Earlier Madelin lived with daughter’s family. Madeline’s granddaughter, Aurore, says that she had forgotten us even while living with us. Happily, Nani has now learned to be self-sufficient.

The family and the government
are spending – Volunteer Christine Surele, who runs a grocery store in the village, says that the biggest benefit we get is only by seeing the smile on the faces of Alzheimer’s victims. The family and government of the Alzheimer’s victim bear the expenses of the village together. The government pays about half the expenditure every year i.e. 60 crores. At the same time, families are paying a fee of around 21 lakhs annually. The village also has physiotherapy centers for patients.


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