The ancestors of humans had the ability to feed high-calorie foods to avoid hunger. Due to this ability, we currently smell and remember fast food. Researchers in the Netherlands found that the participants in the research had higher recall of high-calorie fastfoods compared to low-calorie foods. 

The team of researchers from Wageningen University studied 512 participants. They were asked to follow a designated path where there were many rooms. Eight types of food items were kept in these rooms, of which the smell was there. When participants reached samples of these foods, they either ate or simply smelled. They then rated the food items based on their choice. These samples contained apples, chips, cucumbers and chocolate brownies. 

Researchers found that participants remembered rooms that contained high-calorie fast food. Participants missed up to 27 per cent more high-calorie eating compared to eating fewer calories. Eating sweet or salty had no effect on the ability to smell fastfood. 

Researchers said, we saw participants remember more places where high-calorie foods were present. This shows that the aroma of high calorie food attracts people more. This research also reveals that since ancient times humans have been craving for high calorie food. This research has been published in the journal Scientific Report.


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