Fourth Pillar: Lula Comes To Power, Modi-Friend Bolsonaro Leaves, Right Retreats: Ajna is not a hard word, just a few words about the course of world politics in today’s fourth pillar. As you can see, the word path has become hard, let me explain. There are some common factors in the politics of the countries of the world, but there are also some uncommon factors. Common factor means that general election, democracy, constitutional rule, etc. Along with them, there are words such as development, development, etc. This development for whom? Does this mean who benefits from the policy of the government of that country? The poor or the rich. You may question whether or not meditation is the same again. Which government works only for the rich? Doing, doing, a model of development or development is put forward, it is said about the poor people, but the big people keep getting bigger and bigger, and the inequality keeps increasing, and it is not only happening in our country.

It is happening in many countries of the world. The model there is to create a handful of business groups, give them away, and sell all the country’s resources, the poor will be developed by what they get when they swell. Examples? A big factory was opened, small and big cars will be made, a big investment, new automatic equipment was bought all at once, 100 highly skilled people are enough to run the factory of 3000 crore rupees, 2 or 3 or 4 lakh rupees per month.

Then some mutt laborers, unemployed. in mine? 8 or 10 or 12 thousand takas. It is development. 3000 crores 2500 crores loan from various banks or financial institutions, land, electricity, water at a cheap nominal price. Because that will be the development. The profit is in the house before the car is built. Yes, that too with the direct support of the government of that country. One model is to put wealth in the hands of the majority and increase their wages, education, and their health care. Yes, a democratically elected government can do this too, lifting a large number of poor people out of their poverty line.

These are the common factors. So a model is, the country has elections, an elected government, a constitution, a free and independent press, freedom of speech, freedom of a common man to grow up, and no discrimination on the basis of religion, or caste. There is no hindrance to the progress of science and research. Bahusvar Barker. The other model is to bypass the constitution and introduce a new system through elections.

Creating a coterie of the rich and powerful. Economic inequality continues to grow. Creating a frenzy out of militant nationalism. Education, health, and housing for the poor, and the common people are increasingly out of reach. The country’s head of state is increasingly becoming a cult, a self-proclaimed icon. Marking his opposition as treason. Inciting medieval mentality, dividing the people of the country in the name of ancient traditions, and in the name of religion. This second model is identified as the Southern approach in political science.

And the first model is either left or moderate. The difference between the left and the center is about capital, investment, profit, economic power in the hands of the people, their development, etc. Yet any time the middle is better than the right, the so-called lesser evil. In moderation, the Constitution is intact, freedom of speech is there, and there is an impartial judiciary, so moderation is better than the South, Obama or Biden is better than Trump. So according to the political character of the countries in the world where general elections are held, at least those countries have democracy, those countries run on the left, center, and right.

And the surprising fact is that, at the same time, similar political changes, and political characters are seen in different parts of the world. Not a miracle, it happens for various reasons. Keep in mind as World War II was ending, or within a few years of its ending, several British, French, and Dutch colonies around the world became independent, including our country. At the same time, Eastern Europe turned red, and a few days later, the Chinese revolution was led by Mao.

Again in the middle sixties from Paris to Rangoon to Colombo to Calcutta to Madrid, the student movement in Caracas, Venezuela, had the same slogan, power power, student power. At the same time, the revolutionary left, radical left, and militant left say whatever they say in different parts of the world, their news is all over the front pages, and our country is no exception. Again, in 74/75, the underwater journey of democracy almost everywhere in our sub-continent, Indira Gandhi’s dictatorship by jailing all the opposition leaders, trying to establish Baksal by removing all the parties in Bangladesh, while Tamils ​​are being shot on the streets of Sri Lanka.

Yes, political events in the world tend to diverge in many places due to various reasons. For example, the emergence of Trump after Obama, a joker with relentless lies and slurs suddenly became the head of state, and since then the abuse of the press, the loss of many ordinary people’s jobs, and the rise of racism. Meanwhile, Modi and BJP-RSS took advantage of the lack of moderation in India. Similarly, the freedom of the press was curtailed, the constitution was bypassed and people were beaten to death in the name of religion.

At the same time, Bolsenaro arrived in Brazil, his friends continued to clear the lungs of the world by cutting down the Amazon jungle, jobs and social security like Ube Gallo camphor, and his partner in the world of bullshit, lies is none other than Narendra Modi. It was at this time that another right-wing figure in the UK, Boris Johnson, came to the fore. Daily gimmick, today you are doing it in the metro, tomorrow you are serving tea to the journalists with your own hands, there are no jobs, and the economy is at the bottom.

All these events are happening at the same time. Trump will win again easily, many people thought, Modi Ji had said that to Trump’s government, but Trump not only lost, but he also lost terribly. Meanwhile, Johnson’s bell rang, and now the political tramadol is going on in the UK, to say the least. The government is going to fall in 40-45 days, it is a matter of seeing how long Sunak’s government lasts. In the meantime, the people of Brazil ousted Bolsonaro and elected a labor leader, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, leader of that country’s Workers’ Party, as president.

He has been president for two terms before, the wages of Brazilian workers have increased, the social security sector has spent a lot of money, and red flags are waving in the streets of Sao Paulo with this work in mind. After winning, Lula said that not only the Workers’ Party, not only his supporters, the Communist Party, but even people from the right-wing parties would be taken into his government, and a new Brazil would be built.

Early revolutionaries will, and will, see many mistakes in this statement, but the fact that the global right is retreating is as clear as water. And the biggest common factor of this southern approach is militant nationalism and the surrounding citizenship laws, the introduction of radical nationalism into the law for immigrants.

The same thing has happened under Trump, illegal immigration is going on like rats from Mexico, so a wall will be erected along the Mexico-US, it is called the Trump Wall. Boris Johnson and Bolsenaro have indulged in a kind of jingoism in the name of this same illegal intrusion. The result? If you see black people on the street, beat them, if you see beards, or turbans beat them. Look at India. This RSS-BJP is playing a fire game with citizenship.

But the political changes in the world are giving another indication, the temporary rise of the right wing is over, this time the right wing is retreating, and Boris Johnson, and Bozo is moving away. Trump is losing, and Bolsonaro is losing. The people of these countries have felt for a few days that this unrest will probably not last, look at Brazil, on the streets of Sao Paulo, people on the streets with yellow-green national flags and red flags in their hands. The alphabet of fire on the wall is very clear, the right is losing, will lose, Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro are gone, Modi too will go, the circle will be complete, it will be.


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