Mallya Hembram, the second wife of former MLA Putkar Hembram, got badly trapped in the affair of running a fake note of two thousand at Gudri Dhibari Market in Mahulsai of Mufassil police station area of ​​West Singhbhum. The police have taken them into custody. At the same time, three women from both sides were injured in the fight over fake currency. The injured women accused each other of assaulting them with knives. Police have admitted the three injured women to Sadar Hospital Chaibasa. Muftasil police station in-charge Ashutosh Kumar said that the case is related to the assault, with running of two thousand notes. At present, an FIR has been registered for the assault. The fake note case will be investigated. 

Knife with assault: Three women were attacked on Sunday evening near Mahulasai Sandhya Guddi Dhibri Market in the police station area. Three people from both sides were injured in the fight. There was chaos in the market after seeing the women being beaten up. Here, the police reached there soon after getting information about the incident and calmed the case. The women to be injured include Jayanthi Devgam, wife of a resident of Beerga Devgam, and her sister-in-law, Raivari Devgam husband Mahati Devgam. The other party includes Mallya Hembram, wife of former MLA Putkar Hembram. Raivari Devgam has suffered injuries in both hands due to the knife attack. 

Two thousand fake note given with 16 rupees: Injured Jayanti Devgam told that she sells clothes in a shop located in Mahulsai. From his shop, Mallya Hembram shopped for 16 hundred rupees and gave a fake note of one thousand rupees along with other notes. On Sunday, Jayanthi Devgam went to the ATM to deposit the said rupees, the ATM did not take a note of two thousand. The note turned out to be fake on identification from others 

When asked to change the note, she was attacked with a knife: Jayanti said that the woman appeared near the doll on Sunday evening. When she got near, the woman started running away. After holding him and asking him to change the fake note, the woman attacked him with a knife from the bag. Here, Mallyan Hebram said that she had gone to Mehulasi’s Dibri Market in the evening. Meanwhile, two women attacked him, causing injuries to him.


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