Former Dyfis In Torture And Drugs, Party To Avoid Case: Dr. KS Radhakrishnan pointed out that the former are DYFIs in torture and drugs along with newspaper reports. Radhakrishnan’s response was in the context of some recent news.

He said that DYFI is becoming a haven for POCSO accused and drug mafias and it is causing great concern in society. Dr. Radhakrishnan also demanded an end to the party policy of protecting such criminals.

Through a Facebook post, Dr. Remarks by KS Radhakrishnan. Along with the post, he has also shared the news that appeared in the newspaper. The first news is that the 8th class student of Azhiyur is in the net of the drug mafia. The student’s mother alleged that the police did not investigate the supply of drugs despite her complaint and that the culprits were related to DYFI leaders.

The second news is the case of molesting a 16-year-old girl under Malayan Keez. DYFI leader Jinesh has also been arrested. The arrested Jinesh is an anti-drug activist in the region. But quoting the news, he said that there are indications that this revolutionary is also an agent of the drug mafia.

The full version of the Facebook post…

POCSO case / Lahari mafia and DYFI leadership

“The fact that DYFI is becoming a haven for PAXO case suspects and drug mafia has created a lot of concern in the community. Therefore, the government and the leadership of the organization should be ready to conduct a detailed investigation into the drug mafia / POCSO case relationship of the leaders and workers of this organization. It cannot be denied that some leaders try to protect the criminals involved. Lead creates fear in the community. The government should not try to pretend that it did not see this. These gangs are now targeting our school children.

Two news items in today’s paper:

1. ‘A girl studying in 8th class in Azhiyur was drugged and made a drug dealer. The girl’s mother complained to the police. The police did not investigate drug distribution. The child’s mother also alleges that the reason for this is the drug mafia’s relationship with the DYFI leaders.

2. ‘Case of molestation of a 16-year-old girl under Malayan. DYFI leader Jinesh has been arrested. Jinesh is also an anti-drug activist there. But it is also alleged that this revolutionary is an agent of the drug mafia.

The question is whether it is right to make allegations against an organization based on these two incidents alone. But in the last few days, the connection between the drug mafia and the POCSO case of the members of this organization is coming to light, which is causing concern. It is also relevant to the question of whether it is not natural for some such worms to appear in a large youth movement. However, the reason for concern is that these worms have influence at the organizational level and at the government level. It cannot be denied that some of the leaders are trying to protect them. (Dr. K. S. Radhakrishnan)


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