Even if a woman of foreign origin marries a citizen of Indian origin, she cannot be an Indian citizen. Even if he has PAN card, Voter I card, bank account and Aadhaar card. To become a citizen of the country, an application has to be made under the citizenship law. The officer will approve her application, only then she can become a citizen of India.

A bench of Chief Justice of Patna High Court Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice S Kumar rejected Kiran Gupta’s application. However, the court has given the exemption to the applicant to apply to become a citizen of India. The court was told that the applicant was a Nepali citizen. She was married on 18 June 2003 to an Indian citizen. After marriage she became the mother of two children. Even procured property and got higher education in this country. In 2018, she also became the chief after winning the election of the chief from Manik Chowk in Runnisaidpur in Sitamarhi district.

The challenge was given to the election regarding Nagarika, after winning the election of the chief, her citizenship and her election were challenged. After a lengthy hearing, the court said that a woman cannot become a citizen of India by relinquishing her citizenship of her country of origin and marrying an Indian citizen. One cannot get citizenship just by living in the country continuously for many years. The court has rejected the election as illegal, rejecting every plea of ​​the applicant. Rejecting the application, he said that only citizens of Indian origin can contest elections.


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