Actor Sonu Sood, who helped migrant laborers and workers in the lockdown triggered by the Corona virus epidemic, called the name of the Messiah. They sent laborers and workers from different parts of the country to their city and village safely amid lockdown. For this, he has received honors from the state level to the international level.

Sonu Sood has once again received another international level award. Recently Sonu Sood was given the Leadership Award 2021 by Forbes. Sonu Sood has shared a picture of this award and his feelings with the fans on social media. Sonu Sood has been described as Kovid-19 Hero in this award.

See Sonu Sood’s tweet here

Son Sood has expressed his gratitude by sharing this picture. Sonu received this award virtually. On this tweet of Sonu Sood, fans are congratulating them by commenting and saluting them. Sonu Sood had arranged buses and airplanes for workers and workers to go to their homes during the lockdown.

Now Sonu Sood is treating people

Apart from this, Sonu Sood is seen getting treatment for many sick people these days. Recently he tweeted a post in which he wrote with a video, “Yeh hui na baat. Happy.” He treated Govind Agarwal after which this man is living a happy life today.

Watch the video here

Got the liver transplanted

Govind Agarwal’s Sonu Sood got the liver transplanted, after which Govind shared a video that said, ‘Because of Sonu Sood, I am able today to go to my house from Aram, so I thank you very much . ‘


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