Health Tips: Want to eliminate constipation problem, make distance from these foods

Foods To Avoid: Foods To Avoid Especially For Those Who Are Trying To Conceive: Low-fat dairy products are rich in calcium and beneficial bacteria. However, it contains androgens, molecules that increase

Foods To Avoid: Fertility is complicated. Many factors play a vital role in a woman’s ability to conceive. Nutrition plays an important role in fertility. It is good to follow some precautions in eating certain foods before thinking of having children. Good nutrition is critical to fertility. In recent times, scientists have researched on nutritional patterns and specific foods, and it has been shown that the daily intake of food has an effect on fertility in women.

Fertility has become a big problem for women these days. Many people are facing many problems like abortions and uterine weakness. Experts say that a healthy diet is important for pregnancy and the fetus. Researchers have identified sugar, alcohol, dairy products, and fatty foods as the main causes of infertility. Let’s try to know what foods should be taken care of by those who are planning to conceive.

1. Foods high in fat: Unhealthy junk foods contain fats that are harmful to health. They damage the blood vessels and affect the reproductive organs. Foods mainly cooked in oil should be stopped. Microwave popcorn and potato chips should also be avoided. These also harm the body.

2. No foods made with pesticides; The use of pesticides in agriculture has increased. Vegetables grown with pesticides are very harmful to the body. A study found that women who ate the most pesticide-laced vegetables were less likely to get pregnant. So eat naturally grown fruits and vegetables.

3. Carbohydrates: Rice, maida, and wheat which are rich in carbohydrates that are harmful to the body should be avoided during pregnancy or for those trying to conceive.

4. Dairy is protective: Low-fat dairy products are rich in calcium and beneficial bacteria. However, it contains androgens, molecules that increase testosterone. An increase in testosterone affects the health of the body. So it is better to avoid using skimmed milk. Those who are thinking of getting pregnant should remember that it is not good to drink soft drinks during pregnancy.

5. Artificial Sweeteners: It is best to avoid foods made with artificial sweeteners as much as possible. These artificial sweeteners are used in place of sugar in chocolates, candies, and sugar-free products made for diabetics. These artificial sweeteners affect DNA. Can lead to fertility problems.

6. Processed meats; Research shows that eating too much red, processed meat like beef, bacon, hot dogs, and sausage can lead to infertility. A study found that men who ate large amounts of processed meat had lower sperm quality, count and motility. Experts say that frequent consumption of processed meat can lead to lower egg fertilization in men.The study found a link between


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