Actress Kangana Ranaut’s trouble is going to increase. Due to the disputed statement against the farmers, now an FIR will be registered against Kangana on the court’s order. This decree has been heard by the Tumkur Court of Karnataka. According to the order, an FIR is to be lodged against Kangana at the Kyaathasandra police station. The actress has not reacted to this yet.

FIR will be lodged against Kangana

This whole controversy started on 21 September when Kangana Ranaut gave a controversial statement about the farmers opposing the Agriculture Bill. In his tweet, he compared the farmers to the terrorists. Now Kangana Ranaut must clarify on this tweet to say that he did not call farmers as terrorists, but the meaning of his tweet was taken out and fiercely. That tweet was something like this: Prime Minister, someone sleeping can be woken up, someone who is misunderstood can be explained, but what will be the difference between your acting in sleep and acting of mindlessness? These are the same terrorists, not a single person has gone to the citizenship from CAA, but he has shed rivers of blood. 

What is the whole controversy?

Now this tweet of Kangana Ranaut was considered an insult to the farmers. Advocate Ramesh Naik did the job of bringing those protesting farmers to the court, who lodged a complaint against Kangana Ranaut in Tumkur Court. Now on the basis of the same complaint, an FIR will be registered against Kangana Ranaut under Section 44,108,153, 153A and IPC Section 504. In such a situation, Kangana Ranaut, who is constantly running in controversies, is sure to make headlines again.

Earlier, Kangana Ranaut had fought with the Maharashtra government across the border. The whole controversy started with a statement and continued till the demolition of Kangana Ranaut’s office. Kangana Ranaut was also harmed due to that dispute and the government was also seen to be grim in the court. But now Kangna is going to register an FIR on Ranaut under a sensitive issue, in such a situation, she seems to be stuck in this case.


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