Former MP MP Kamal Nath's brother-in-law's killer arrested in a police encounter, murdered with the intention of robbery

Finding That Killikollur Police Beat Soldier And Brother, The Brothers Were In Jail For 12 Days In A Fake Case: A turning point in the Kollam Kilikollur police beating case. The Special Branch found that the case that the soldier and his brother attacked the police who came to meet the accused in custody in connection with the MDMA case at Kilikollur police station was false.

Kollam Special Branch ACP conducted a preliminary investigation and found that the police had failed. Following this, SI Anish, ASI Prakash Chandran, and CPO Dileep of Kilikollur station were transferred.

Following this, three officials of Kilikollur station were transferred. Vignesh, a native of Kotankara, had said the other day that he and his brother were brutally beaten up by the police.

According to the police, Vishnu and Vignesh, natives of Karikode, assaulted the officials demanding to meet the accused in the MDMA case, who was arrested on August 25. But in reality, the investigation found that CPO Manikandan, who was at the station, called Vignesh to release the accused on bail.

The police asked Vignesh who reached the station to post bail in the MDMA case. But when Vignesh came to know that it was a drug case, he refused to give bail. Then there was an argument between Vignesh and a policeman who went out of the station.

Meanwhile, his brother Vishnu’s bike, which was looking for Vignesh, hit the auto in front of the station. After this, there was an argument with ASI Prakash Chandran, who was with Mufti, at the beginning of the problems. Vignesh says that Prakash Chandran dragged them to the station and beat them up. And the young man said that a false case was filed by adding the MDMA case to the accused.

Soldier Vishnu and Vignesh had to stay in jail for 12 days. In the statement given to the magistrate by the two, who were released on bail, it was revealed that the drama created by the police had trapped the innocent people.

Due to the incident, Vishnu, a soldier, got married. Vignesh had said that he was preparing for the physical examination of the police constable test and could not even walk due to his injuries. Vignesh said that what happened at the station was the third round.

The CCTV footage of the station was examined during the investigation. This is how the play by the police came to light. With this, the SI and two policemen were transferred. However, the family of the youth has come forward demanding more action against the police.


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