After several months at Kashi Hindu University (BHU), classes were started on Monday through the ‘on-off’ line of the final year students of various classes, but the resentment of the first and second year classes did not start their students. Protested by staging demonstrations. The agitators shut down the ‘Singhdwar’ of the University in Lanka and staged a long sit-in. Due to this, the traffic system collapsed badly here. Passengers faced difficulties due to traffic jams on alternative routes in nearby areas like Naria and Chittupur.

Many of the protesting students say that most of the schools, colleges and universities in the country including Varanasi have been reopened but their classes have not started their studies and they are under stress. In such a situation, the administration should immediately restore classes.

The university’s security officials assured to consider the demands of the protesting students, after which the picket ended and the traffic system was restored.
It is noteworthy that the hostels were reopened from last February 17 for the final year students. Classes were closed for several months due to the Corona epidemic. People from many colonies from around the city come to the city through the main gate of the university. This is like a main route for them. This is the reason that the surrounding traffic system gets affected due to the protests and demonstrations here.


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