Bollywood actress Radhika Madan has worked in many interesting films in her career. She has come from TV to films. She has been seen in films like Patakha and Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota. However, after these films she made her presence in mainstream films and she appeared in English Medium with Irrfan Khan. Recently he expressed his opinion on the Insider-Outsider Debate of Bollywood.

Radhika said that when I started my career, it was not like there was a lot of scripts for me or I could work with my favorite director or favorite banner. It was then that whatever is happening and I feel good, I get it. It is true that making an career in the industry as an outsider is very challenging.

He said about the rejections in the auditions that if I talk about the rejections, then the conversation will not end. I have lost a project due to a star kid but it is also true that my audition was not good. But when you are told that you are a good actor but not a good looking, then your confidence as a 20-year-old actress comes as a shock.

Trust your abilities and dreams: Radhika

Madan also gave his opinion on the Bollywood industry and said that there are some issues in every industry. But since our industry lives in the limelight, things are exaggerated. There are good and bad people everywhere. It depends on you how you want to move forward with your abilities in life. We do not have to take any other validation. You neither need to explain your point to everyone nor do you need to believe everything. You decide for yourself what is right and wrong for you. Trust your abilities and your dreams.



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