FIFA World Cup: Argentina Will Hope For Messi Magic In Their Last Group Match: The group’s stair-broken figures remain intact. The complex design of step-by-step possibilities. This is that, and that is not. All those numbers are true. But there is a bigger truth than that. Just as the path of wisdom is lost in the labyrinth of knowledge, the truth cannot be found in the complexities of accounting. In the world of fans, it is not victory or defeat, today perhaps the real face of the truth is to fully enjoy a magic named Messi (Leo Messi).

However, the situation is not so rosy. Rather like walking on a sheet of ice. Chances of slipping into carelessness. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is hit by a severe cyclone. The only news is born moment by moment. Which means that Brazil has already crossed the threshold of the group. Cristiano Ronaldo gets the job done despite the dust of controversy on his jersey. On the other hand, Mbappe is also running his Ashwamedha horse. German blood shines back. Qatar has witnessed the sunrise of Asia. Mushiala, Gavi, and Felix are saying that there is a wind of change in the football world. And Argentina in all this? It is as if Pahari is standing on the edge of a chasm and is still staring at the one and only Magic Man with intense faith.

No, maybe it was said wrongly. It is a half-truth to say that only Argentina and its supporters are waiting. Those who love football are waiting. Loves the wonder of Messi. Today there is nothing new to say that this is actually a love-colored planet. Where Guti Guti comes in, those who are dreaming of Neymar with the love of Ronaldo-Kafue. Those who keep Cristiano’s fast jump in their chest, can’t help but be impressed by the soft light of the dawn of this world. As the country of art is, it is not again. No one hesitates to stand in front of this footballer even with the team’s flag in hand.


This world that has been built up little by little is not only through hypnosis. Behind this is the life and football philosophy of the man named Messi. What is ambition? If asked this question, almost everyone will probably talk about the new destination of success. Messi would say he could be closer to excellence. Say, let those arts play incessantly, at which the adversary can only stare blankly at his feet. His hairstyle is not desirable. No desire for demonic power. Just a ball at his feet will show just what he can do. He showed it. When Mexico’s resistance was broken with perfect aim, the whole world was stunned. Everyone agreed that Messi can suddenly bring down this rainbow on the earth. The question of what he can do alone is not so relevant today. Rather, one wants to believe him as a fairy tale writer who can effortlessly win over almost lost stories.

Just come here and give up all the numbers. Maybe everything will be alright. Nor will it. Maybe the World Cup will remain as a deer for Messi. Whatever the truth of the prospect, the belief is that he will blow himself up today. He is the one who can match the numbers of Argentina. For which the whole world is waiting. No doubt the numbers are difficult. Football is ultimately a team game. However, what impossibility can become a reality with Messi’s single power is not unknown to anyone. Even after crossing the table of Scotland, so many dreams are gathering on that left leg. They know exactly how much this moment is worth in life without repetition. Maybe the last time, or a new beginning. In any case, this is the night to fully enjoy the beauty of the Messi name. That’s the truth, the rest is beyond calculation.

Therefore, the inhabitants of the Messi planet will wake up tonight to take the complex-crooked factor x = Messi of the group. As the night waits for the dawn, they will wait for that unexpected Messi-moment.


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