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FIFA World Cup 2022: Here Is Why Neymar Is Getting Abused By Brazil Fans: After Richarlison’s spectacular goal and Neymar’s injury, there is a strange contrast in the Brazil camp. On the one hand, strong support is growing. On the other hand, Neymar is not safe even after going to the field with a serious injury. He is being criticized one after another on social media. The situation is now so bad that Rafinha has to speak in support of Neymar. Rafinha turned the Brazilian fans in support of the Brazilian superstar. But that also reduced the problem.

Richarlison was not discussed with the Brazilian fans before the start of the World Cup (FIFA World Cup) campaign. There was no such effect on social media. His follower count was ‘only’ 13.3 million. A ‘Caesar kick’ on a half volley changed the whole situation for Richarlison. That night, Richarlison’s social media following grew to nearly 7 million. Today, it appears that the number of followers is more than 20 million!

But Neymar (Neymar)? Instead of regret, Brazilian fans are now showering the star striker with criticism. Many people say, “It’s okay not to be able to play because of injury.” We won trophies without him. Even then was out for injury.” The Brazilian press has been so critical lately. Since coming to the World Cup in Qatar, he has turned his face away from journalists. If he has something to say, he gives it on his own page on social media. How did Neymar become so distant from the Brazilian media or fans? Oglobo journalist Edmar said, “The main reason for Neymar’s recent decline in popularity among Brazilians is political.”


mean? Is he joining politics? That is not the case. Again like that. What Edmar then said is that a few days ago, Neymar supported Jair Bolsonaro in the presidential election against the leftist Lula da Silva in the Brazilian elections. Support means, did Bolsonaro march in the streets of Brazil in support? Edmar smiled and said, “No, no. Nothing like that. At that time, it can be seen that in the video released in support of Bolsonaro, Neymar is also shaking his throat. It does not end here. While supporting Bolsonaro, he said that he will dedicate his first goal in this World Cup to Bolsonaro. What is the reason for the Brazilian crowd to turn away from Neymar? The journalist of Oglobo said, “Jair Bolsonaro did not do any work during the Covid. On the contrary, there are many allegations of corruption. With which the people of the country were very upset. While Brazilians are trying to oust Bolsonaro and bring in Lula in a food-clothing battle, the Brazilian public has not taken well to Neymar standing by the corrupt Bolsonaro. The anger has been there ever since.”

The anger has now gone to such a level that they are no longer sad even if Neymar is sitting out on the field with an ankle injury. Neymar’s teammate Raphinha is forced to play in Brazil’s national team. He was so disappointed with the behavior of the fans that he said, “Neymar made a mistake by being born in Brazil. Brazil cannot honor a talent like him!” Despite not winning the World Cup, Neymar is currently second only to Pelé in Brazil in scoring for the national team. He also knows very well that his chemistry with the country’s people can only be right if he can help Brazil win the World Cup. But now he can’t play in the group-level match due to injury. But he understands the attitude of the people of the country toward him. Therefore, in order to explain the depth of his relationship with Brazilians, he wrote on his social media account without opening his face to the press, ‘If I am given the opportunity to choose a country in the next generation, then I want to be born in Brazil again. The love and pride I feel wearing this country’s jersey is not possible in any other country.’

He did not stop here. He said how hard he worked to reach this place today. Addressing the supporters of the country, he wrote, ‘I have not found anything easy in life. I had to run all the time to fulfill my dreams. Right now I’m back in one of the hardest times of my life. Because it’s the World Cup. I’ve hurt again.’ This time, the Brazilian star came to the World Cup completely injury-free. He also started very well against Serbia. But injury kept him out of the group stage. Although it is certain that Neymar will be available in the team from the knockout stage. Neymar has also started fighting to recover in his own way. That’s why he wrote today, ‘I will be back. I have to do whatever I can to help my country and teammates. After so much trouble, the enemy will lose me? It can never be. I believe I will return.’ Neymar’s message clearly shows how much he is suffering from the injury. What if football lovers around the world sympathize with his pain, the way he is burning with the behavior of his country’s supporters? His message is clear. This Neymar will return. At least Brazil’s team management thinks so.

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