Qatar World Cup 2022: Star Footballers Who Have Been Ruled Out Of Qatar World Cup By Injuries

FIFA World Cup 2022: Change Partner In The World Cup! Such Accusations In Serbia Football: Who is in love with whom or ‘who was for whom, and who didn’t get whom’, will continue to be debated. But it remains to be seen which country will emerge as the champion on the soil of Qatar.

Doha: There is a storm in the world now. football From the news feed to the neighborhood, the topic of discussion is the same. Qatar World Cup (Qatar 2022). Brazil fans are always cheering together. Once again there is a murmur with Argentina fans. This is the football world cup madness. But beyond all this, the news that is emerging is from Serbia (Serbia) The name is in the title. It is heard that Dusan Laovic is spending intimate moments with the wives of other teammates. Although he is completely denying this. Exactly what information is coming up! brought up TV9Bangla.

Serbian football player Dusan Lavic. He also played club football for Juventus. His talent has already been seen on the World Cup stage. But now he is in the news for a completely different reason. According to Serbian media sources, Laovic is having affairs with his teammates. Dusan Laovic is in a relationship with Ana Cakic, the wife of one of Serbia’s footballers, Predag ​​Rajkovic! And this is why he was not played against Cameroon!

It does not end here. Sevilla midfielder Nemanja Goodell is rumored to be having an affair with Sofia Milosevic. Sofia is the girlfriend of former Real Madrid footballer Luka Jovic. Luca currently plays for Fiorentina.

However, neither Anna nor Dusan opened up about their relationship. Instead, Dusan directly denied this allegation. Dusan told the media that he had no relationship with Rajkovic’s girlfriend. Laovic said, “I am very sorry that I have to start the World Cup press conference in this way. But I have to talk about it. Because here we are talking about me.” He further added, “Whatever we have heard and read… nothing to comment here on anything extraneous. Of course, all these people are bored and have nothing better to do. Because they may be disappointed and angry in their personal life. But right now their priority is to work against the interests of the party.”

In words – what happens, something happens! But Laovich clarified, “These stories are ridiculous. I just want to protect my name and my integrity. I will take legal action if necessary.” Despite being in the squad for the match against Cameroon, he was not dropped. In this context, he said, “I did not play because I was not fit enough. But now I feel healthy and I am fully focused on the next match.”

On the other hand, Nemanja Goodell and Luka Jovic laughed about it. That is what their social media posts indicate. Both of them explained in the Insta story that they are ready for the next match. They posted in such a way that it seems that they will fight this time. Again, Ana Cakic also denied allegations of adultery. Anna also wrote on Twitter that she has been taking care of her son in the hospital for the past month.

Who is having a love affair with whom or ‘who was for whom, and who didn’t get whom’, will continue to be debated? But it remains to be seen which country will emerge as the champion on the soil of Qatar.


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