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FIFA World Cup 2022: Bengal’s Mintu Wraps In-Law South Korea Flag From Home: The World Cup has a different touch in Brahmanberia, a district of Bangladesh bordering Tripura.

Dhaka: Only a few more days are left for the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ football World Cup. The football World Cup is starting on November 20 in Qatar (Qatar World Cup 2022). Despite being thousands of miles away, the World Cup madness has already touched Bangladesh’s (Bangladesh) human minds Football fans of that country are also crazy about football. Brazil and Argentina are the favorite teams of most of the Bangladeshi football lovers. And that’s why the urge to fly the flag has fallen across the country. A football lover of Bangladesh brought up the novel approach TV9Bangla.

However, the World Cup has a different touch in Brahmanberia, a district of Bangladesh bordering Tripura. Abu Kaushal Mintu has joined this football world cup frenzy. However, in his case, everyone witnessed the exception. Not Brazil-Argentina, Mintu played with his favorite team South Korea.

A devotee dragged the flag 4 km from his house to his in-laws in Brahmanberiya town. He made a 4 km flag of South Korea by selling his garden. Mintu made this flag with a mango orchard and money saved in his wife’s bank. Every day, thousands of people from far and wide flock to see his flag.

Haji Abul Hashem’s son Abu Kaushar Mintu went to South Korea in 1998 in search of bread and sustenance. In 2002, the football World Cup was held in South Korea. At that time, Mintu enjoyed South Korea’s game by sitting on the field. He has been a fan of South Korea ever since.

Mintu came to the country in 2006 and married Sabina Begum. After marriage, and seeing Mintu’s love for the South Korean team, Sabina also became a fan of South Korea. In 2013, Mintu ended his expatriate life and started a business. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Mintu hoisted the nearly 1,000-foot-long flag of the South Korean football team on the overbridge of Dhaka’s airport area. This time, Mintu and his wife Sabina spent around 5 lakhs in Bangladeshi taka for the World Cup in Qatar. The couple responded by pulling a 4-kilometer-long South Korean flag from Minto’s village home to her in-laws’ house.

Not only that, Mintu and his wife’s love for South Korea is so much that they eat rice in a plate with the South Korean flag and drink water in a mug with the South Korean flag every day. Local residents said that Abu Kaushar Mintu went to South Korea in 1998. He returned to the country from there in 2013. Even after returning home, his love for South Korea has not diminished a bit. From that love, Mintu made a 4km flag in support of South Korea at the World Cup this year.

Mintu’s wife Sabina Begum said, “We got married in 2006. Since then, my husband has talked a lot about South Korea. I also support South Korea football team after hearing from him. He was supposed to take me to South Korea too. I made this flag out of my love for South Korea for four years with the money saved in the bank and the sale of the mango orchard.”

Mintu said in this regard, “When I first saw the World Cup, a footballer named Anjuan from the South Korean team was playing great. I became a fan of the team after watching him play. Even after returning home from South Korea, my love for South Korea has not diminished. By selling the mango garden, I made the 4 km long flag at a cost of 5 lakhs. I want the people of South Korea to know Bangladesh well through this flag.”


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