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FIFA World Cup 2022: Bengali Engineer Has Built An Attractive Stadium For The World Cup: Washikur Rahman Shubo of Par Bengal is also involved in the construction, design, and planning of the Education City Stadium.

The attractive stadium of the World Cup has been built by the hands of a Bengali engineer

Dhaka: Bengali engineer’s plan and design touches this time in Qatar. “The Greatest Show on Earth” World Cup football is going to start on November 20. Qatar during the World Cup (Qatar) One of the eight stadiums that millions of viewers around the world will watch is the Education City Stadium (Education City Stadium). Which is one of the most beautiful and attractive stadiums of this World Cup. A Bengali engineer is behind that stadium. That information was presented TV9Bangla.

Engineer Washikur Rahman Shubo of Nilphamari, the northern bordering district of Bangladesh, is involved in the construction, design, and planning of this Education City Stadium. He now resides in Qatar to attend to professional duties. World Cup football is knocking on the door. On this occasion, many spectacular stadiums have been built in the desert country of Qatar.

For this year’s FIFA World Cup football, 32 countries will fight for the title in eight stadiums across Qatar. Among these eight stadiums, Education City Stadium located in Al Rayyan city is one. Qatar expatriate Washikur Rahman Shubo, a resident of Saidpur in the Nilphamari district of Bangladesh, played a leading role in the construction of this stadium. He was the chief engineer for the structural design and planning of the construction of the stadium.

The al-Rayan area is 7 kilometers northwest of the center of Doha, the capital of Qatar. The attractive Education City Stadium is located in this city. The stadium has been built there on the occasion of World Cup football. There is also a plan to name this stadium. The Al Rayan area of ​​Doha houses most of the prestigious schools, colleges, and universities in Qatar. Because of these educational institutions, this stadium was originally named Education City Stadium.

After the completion of construction, the stadium was inaugurated in 2020 with a virtual event honoring the frontline workers of Corona. Sheikh Nazmul Haque, father of Engineer Washikur Rahman Shubo. Washikur is the eldest among three brothers and sisters. He studied at the local Railway Government High School. After that, he studied at Cantonment Public School and College. After that, he obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Structural Engineering from Khulna Engineering and Technology University, Southern District of Bangladesh. Then he moved to Dubai. From there, he joined Qatar as a stadium project engineer in 2010.

Washiqur Rahman Shubo has previously worked as a designer in American and European consulting firms including Etkis UK and SNC Lavalin Canada. After the construction of the stadium, he is currently working as one of the key designers on the water park project in Lusail City, Qatar. Which will be used as a fan zone for the Qatar World Cup. All these projects include huge hotels-motels, beaches, luxury villas, shopping malls, water parks, and theme parks. Here too he is working as Head Structural Engineer.

Washikur’s younger brother Dr. Wasim Bari Joy said, “I feel really proud as a brother. My great-grandfather worked on the construction of that stadium in Qatar from the beginning. Everyone in this country should be proud of those who will contribute like this to the world, not only as a grandfather or someone in the family but also as a Bengali or Bangladeshi.”

Engineer Washikur Rahman Shubo said, “Working in a stadium where the World Cup is going to be played is really a privilege. This results in pride. I will present my experience and achievements to the new generation of Bangladesh. It will help foster the ideas of gifted children.”


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