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FIFA Official Praising Cristiano Ronaldo’s Way To Get Penalty In World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo did not come to the press conference after the Ghana match. Before that, the coach of Ghana, Otto Addo, came to the press conference and made ironic comments about Ronaldo’s goal from the penalty. Ronaldo has a unique record of scoring from the penalty spot in five consecutive World Cups. And then the coach of Ghana was making oblique comments to the referee on the issue of the penalty. When asked about Ronaldo’s record, he said, “Give thanks to the referee instead of Ronaldo. He gave Ronaldo the goal today.”

After this comment from the Ghana coach, Ronaldo’s penalty continues to be debated throughout the World Cup (FIFA World Cup 2022). In other cases, if the load is taken advantage of, why did the referee not take advantage of the load that day? This time, Sunday Ollis, a member of FIFA’s technical study group, praised Cristiano Ronaldo’s intelligence in the matter of getting a penalty.

On that day, CR Seven fell inside the box after touching the foot of Ghanaian footballer Mohamed Salisu. And that is the debate. But on this day FIFA (FIFA) boss praised Ronaldo! He even called CR Seven (CR7) a genius in collecting penalties. A member of FIFA’s Technical Study Group, Sunday Ulisse played for Nigeria at the ’98 World Cup. “Taking penalties is an art too,” praised the Portuguese star in Doha. And Ronaldo knows better than anyone how to take penalties. But all in all, strikers are getting smarter now when it comes to taking penalties using technology.”

Football fans do not stop criticizing Ronaldo’s repeated advantage in receiving penalties. Sunday also commented on that. “The fans can say whatever they want about Ronaldo getting a penalty,” he said. But to reach inside the box in that short time, to touch the ball, and then to go toe-to-toe with the opposing defender – combining all these things is not possible without genius. But not only Ronaldo. My assessment is that the strikers have become a lot smarter now when it comes to taking penalties.”

This member of the FIFA study group said that the number of penalties has increased in various football competitions around the world, “After the introduction of the VR system (VAR), the number of penalty decisions by the referees has increased. Because referees are getting the opportunity to see what happened in the box several times to make a decision perfectly. But the strikers have to be praised as well. Today’s strikers have also learned how to take advantage of the load. And Ronaldo is a genius among them.”

So far, 10 of the first 21 matches in Qatar have been decided on penalties. The referees gave a total of 20 penalties in the last World Cup in Russia. As a result, the way the number of penalties is increasing, and discussions have started throughout the World Cup. Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger is currently the chairman of the FIFA Technical Study Group. And in that, Sunday Olise is a regular member. His support for Ronaldo over the penalty award may have eased some of the criticism of the Portuguese star from football fans.

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