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Fertility: Not Having Children In Intimate Relationships Every Day? Stop These 5 Tasks Now: Planning A Baby Most couples think that a baby will come after marriage. But many couples do not become parents even after physical intercourse. Why is this so? Let us know –

There was a time when a couple had more than one child. But living in the modern age has become so difficult that many couples have come to believe in the ‘we two, we are one principle. The problem is, getting pregnant these days is not as easy as it used to be. The number of couples who have succeeded in their first natural attempt is really few and far between! After various treatments, some couples have to resort to IVF. Still, some couples are facing miscarriages or fertility disorders. And in some cases, some couples without any physical problems do not have children even after repeated normal intercourse. Can not conceive!

Doctors say, apart from any physical problem, lifestyle or lifestyle may be responsible for some people’s infertility! And that is why the dream of having children remains unfulfilled. They warn that many unmarried young people are already victims of faulty lifestyles. Due to their various wrongdoings before the marriage, there is a question mark in the coming of children later. So what is the wrong thing to know in advance?

Smoking: First of all will be this terrible crime. A smoking habit can hinder fertility in several ways. First, tobacco consumption impairs sperm quality in men. It also has a negative effect on sperm motility. Decreases the number of ovaries or ovum in women. The quality of the Ovum suffers enormously. It also has the ability to cause various genetic problems in the ovum. Due to the poor quality of sperm and ovum, the chance of embryo formation decreases even after the union of sperm and egg. It also increases the risk of premature birth or stillbirth, which puts the life of the baby and mother at risk.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A couple can contract sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by not taking proper safety precautions during intercourse. STDs are a major reason behind infertility. Infections like gonorrhea, and chlamydia, but can also damage the fallopian tubes, making pregnancy a challenge.

Uses of Plastic: Yes, that’s right. Excessive use of plastic can also hinder conception. The problem is, in modern life, plastic is being used everywhere. We are drinking water in plastic bottles, and heating food in plastic containers. Any plastic container contains a toxic substance called bisphenol. Which enters our body mixed with food and creates barriers to the work of various hormones. In particular, some recent studies have shown evidence of endocrine hormone disruption due to the effects of certain chemicals in plastic. Such chemicals are called endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Such chemicals are known to interfere with various hormones secreted by the ovaries and brain.

Cooking Utensils: Nowadays, the trend of using non-stick pans and pots for cooking has increased. You will be surprised to know that if you use this type of pot for a long time, the risk of cancer cannot be completely ruled out. Such containers can release cyanuric acid which can interfere with normal pregnancy.

Eating meat: Eating processed red meat is all the rage these days. Processed red meat or packaged red meat contains a large number of preservatives that prevent the food from spoiling for a long time. The effect of such preservatives on the human body is severe. Even any food with excessive preservatives can have harmful effects on both the mother and the fetus if consumed continuously. Even IVF studies have shown that the quality of embryos is terribly affected by the habit of eating this type of food. So stop eating bacon, sausage, and fatty red meats. Instead, stick to healthy animal proteins like fish, chicken, etc. If you don’t like chicken, you can eat only fish. Fish is an extremely healthy source of animal protein. And eat lots of vegetables and seasonal fruits.


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