Feminism Is A Progressive: The Toxic Lover, Aju’s Parallel College Teacher In Jaya Hai: Directed by Vipin Das, Jay Jay Jay Jay Hai is a film that reminds girls that nothing is over and something is just beginning from where everything is thought to be over.

The film travels about a six-year-old girl who tries to jump the parangimanga that she can’t reach through a girl named Jaya who realizes her desires and desires that she had to suppress.

The director brings each character in front of the audience in a very simple way. At the same time, the movie has managed to convey strong politics through each character.

One of the noteworthy characters in Jaya Hai is the parallel college teacher played by actor Aju Varghese. Aju’s character makes the audience feel very progressive right from the beginning of the movie.

He is a parallel college teacher and talks about women’s empowerment and the efforts to be made for the upliftment of women. Jaya’s character is initially shown as Aju’s student.

Jaya is a student who passes her Plus Two with good marks but is unable to study in the college of her choice.


Jaya, who worries about the discrimination she has faced since childhood and her parents ignoring her wishes in any way, finds the teacher’s question, ‘Do women deserve to be stuck in any kitchen’, a great inspiration.

Jaya sees him as a teacher who understands women’s problems and tries to keep women together. At one point, Jaya openly expresses her love for the teacher who confesses her love for him.

But gradually Aju’s character turns into a toxic lover. He says that he does not talk to boys much in class and that he has changed his Facebook password since he asks if the number is BC when he calls on the phone at night. It is at this point that Jaya realizes that the person she loves is toxic.


In these scenes, the director has used Kalipan Kanthari references, which troll some profiles nicely on social media.

Later, Aju Jay’s boyfriend slaps Jaya for seeing the string of her bra outside the churidar. The film later shows the parents trying to blame Jay, who comes home with a nosebleed, stop him from studying, and ties him up.

The character played by Aju supports the women who are protesting outside the factory and preaching for equal pay. By the time he preaches that women deserve equal pay, he is reluctant to accept women coming with men.

When a video of Jaya slapping Basil’s character Rajesh went viral, Aju’s character, after sitting and watching the video with everyone, said, ‘He should have been slapped long ago’. In the film, Aju’s character is portrayed as the face of double standards.

Through Aju, the director marks the toxic lovers who are eager to crush the Karana of women if they are classified as women’s equality.

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