Fed up with this Shahrukh's habit, Gauri did a breakup, then patch up like this

Superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s Love Story is one of the most popular and popular love stories of Bollywood. On Thursday, Gauri is celebrating her 50th birthday. Before marriage, Gauri’s name was Gauri Chhibber and she was born in a Punjabi Hindu family. Gauri first met Shahrukh in 1984 in Delhi.

Shahrukh was not a superstar when the two met. Rather, he did not even start his career then. At that time Shahrukh Khan’s financial condition was not special and Gauri was from an upper middle class family. There were many difficulties in the marriage of both, but their love finally became complete.

However, do you know that at one time there was a fight between Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Gauri had become so angry with Shahrukh Khan that she had decided to breakup with Shahrukh Khan. Actually, Shahrukh Khan did not like Gauri to talk to others and live with her hair open.

When Shahrukh Gauri met on Aksa Beach

Shah Rukh Khan did not like this stopped-talk Gauri and one day he got fed up and decided to stop talking to Shahrukh. Gauri had stopped picking up Shahrukh Khan’s phone and she had moved to Mumbai. However, Shahrukh’s love for her was such that he too followed her back to Mumbai. Both met at Aksa Beach and both decided to get married.


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