In Ladukheda, Agra, the father of four was living with his girlfriend in the sister-in-law’s house. On information, wife, son and others reached the spot. It is alleged that all were beaten up. Police brought both sides to the police station. There was a dispute between the two sides in the police station till late night. 

A person resident of village Jarua Katra, Malpura was married 22 years ago. He has four children. The elder daughter is also married in February 2019. It is alleged that the man fell in love with his sister-in-law two years ago. There is a buzz that Sali is about 20 years younger. A few days later, the case was opened. There was a dispute at home. 

At that time the man reached a compromise with his wife. The person then disappeared in January 2020 along with his sister-in-law. On Friday, someone reported that the person had been seen in the Douki area. On Sunday, both people met in Ladukheda. Wife and son reached the spot. It is alleged that other people also came on behalf of her husband. There was controversy again. Sister is adamant on staying with her brother-in-law. Police police reached the spot on information


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