Farah Khan was seen taking off the scent of mangoes, social media users put up a class

Famous filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan is being trolled on social media due to a mistake. Actually, she went out shopping on Tuesday. Meanwhile, she stopped at a mango shop by the roadside to buy mangoes.

To choose mangoes of good quality, he removed the mask and tested the scent of mangoes. This video has started going viral on social media. Users say that due to their nose, the mango has become unhygienic and now the infection can reach other people as well.

Users say that the cases of corona virus in Mumbai are increasing rapidly. The state government has instructed the people to strictly follow the Kovid-19 rules.

In such a situation, buying Farah Khan’s mango in this way is like messing with the health of the rest of the people. Users also say that they should have followed the protocol. In the video, Farah Khan is saying that she wants a ripe mango because she has to eat it right now.

Users trolled fiercely

One user wrote, “They should also think about people’s health. They should follow the Kovid-19 rules.” One user wrote, “At this time they should have stayed at home.” One user asked, “Did they buy that mango? If not, the risk of spreading corona infection from that mango is high.” One user said that they should also take special care of their own and their family’s health. ”


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