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Fans Trolled Saudi After The Injury: The Goalie Is Loose On The Ground, The Players Are Waxing The Goal Post, Saudi Got The Job By Looking To Lock Argentina: The goalie is loose on the ground, the players are waxing the goal post, and Saudi got the job by looking to lock Argentina; Fans trolled Saudi after the injury

Saudi Arabia won the match against Argentina 2-1 in Qatar World Cup. Superstar Lionel Messi increased Argentina’s lead with a penalty goal in the 10th minute, but then Saudi Arabia showed a strong attack.

Saudi goalkeeper Mohammad Al Owais was notable in the match. Owais did not allow Argentina to convert a single shot into a goal. He didn’t even know that his teammate was injured while putting on a brilliant performance by hitting the ball that came against him.

Saudi Arabian defender Yasser Al-Zahrani was injured while trying to defend. Al-Zahrani was injured by Owais’ knee while defending a long ball that came into the Saudi box.

The star has a fractured jaw. Also, it is reported that the left facial bone is also broken. According to the reports, the star will undergo a scan and urgent surgery to stop the internal bleeding.

Now the fans have come to troll the Saudi attack against Argentina.

The criticism of the fans is that instead of controlling the ball coming to the goalkeeper’s post, he tried to play on the ground and the players did not bother to leave the box.

After scoring the second goal in the second half, Saudi took the lead and then turned to defend. Having to face a physical attack from the Saudi players, Argentina had a chance to score a penalty but missed the goal due to offsides.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia is celebrating its historic victory against Argentina. A public holiday has been announced in Saudi Arabia today. The football fans of the country are excited about the coup victory won by the Saudi team by defeating Argentina, which is the strongest in world football.

Messi scored for Argentina while Saleh Alshehri and Salim Aldawasari netted for Saudi Arabia.


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