Actress Kangana Ranaut has shared a picture of the gifts and letters sent by the fans. He told how his fans and friends have been hurt by the illegal demolition of his Mumbai home.

Kangana shared the pictures and wrote- “My fans and friends are deeply saddened by the illegal sabotage of my house. These sculptures will enhance the beauty and divinity of my temple, which has been mercilessly broken. Will make me realize that the world I have more kindness than cruelty. ” The photographs also include a photo of a hand written letter as well as idols of God.

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On this post of Kangna, the fans are expressing their love as well as encouraging them. One fan wrote- ‘This is a great way from Kangana Fandom. I did not write a letter. Even after weeks of sabotage I have nothing to say. I hope that the High Court will give the correct verdict and will not let this happen to anyone again. ‘ At the same time, another user wrote – ‘I am very happy that you like gifts and messages’.

My fans / friends were pained to see the illegal demolition of my house, this collective gesture of theirs has moved me, these idols will enhance the beauty and divinity of my temple which was brutally broken will always remind me there is more kindness in the world than cruelty

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Recently, Kangana compared Mumbai to Pak Occupied Kashmir. After which there was a sharp statement between Kangana and Sanjay Raut of Shiv Sena. After which Sanjay used insulting words with Kangana not coming home to Mumbai. Kangana decided to come to Mumbai from her hometown Manali, Himachal Pradesh, after Sanjay’s statement. For this, Kangana was given Y plus security by the central government. At the same time, BMC operated a bulldozer in his office in Mumbai. The construction was termed as ‘illegal construction’ by BMC. The matter is currently in court.



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