The fame that TV actor Siddharth Shukla got from Bigg Boss 13 is hardly found by any other contestant. Because of his popularity, he has been called back as a senior in Bigg Boss 14. This time too, he is getting maximum attention at home. Fans follow everything they do. Expressing this love, the fans celebrated the birthday of actor’s father Ashok Shukla on social media.

Siddharth’s father Ashok Shukla is no longer in this world, but the fans did not allow Siddharth to miss his father while celebrating his birthday on Twitter. Fans tweeted and said ‘Happy birthday Papa Shukla. Your son our Sidi Boy is a wonderful person. Hopefully you will feel proud of Siddhartha wherever you are. You have given good care to your children. Uncle your son loves you very much and we also love you very much. Happy Birthday Ashok Uncle ‘.

Similarly, the line of users’ birthday wish is set. Every user is praising Siddharth by wishing Siddhartha’s father Ashok Shukla. One user wrote- ‘Happy Birthday Ashok Uncle, you have given birth to a fighter son who is a fighter like you. Thank you for giving us Siddharth brother. Hopefully you will feel proud of them and be happy watching them from heaven ‘.

Users have also shared an old photo of Siddharth and his father. Siddharth is looking very young in this. Siddharth has also mentioned his father in many shows.



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