A case of photoshopping of a female doctor residing in Ghaziabad police station Kavinagar area has been posted on Facebook. The victim has filed a case against the accused alleging blackmail and asking for money. The police have registered a case and initiated further action.

The victim’s female doctor alleges that Naresh Sharma, a resident of Jammu, has known her for nearly eight years through Facebook. Gradually he became their family friend. Meanwhile, he used to ask for money all the time and used to take a mobile by any excuse. When her motives were suspected, the victim’s family distanced her from it.

After that, the young man shared some personal photos from his phone in his mobile and with the help of Photoshop, he threatened to change them to public. He has been threatening her continuously for the last four-five years. On opposing this, he has put a fake ID on Facebook and photoshopped pornographic photos and is inviting people to see the pictures through Messenger.

Along with this, he is demanding money by threatening to defame her and her husband. The police have registered a case on the victim’s complaint and started an investigation.


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