Fake Bogilal caught in the army of Tappu army, will he again dodge?

In Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses (Taarak Mehra Ka Ooltah Chashmah), it is not taking the name of a fork named Bogilal. Sitting with 50 lakh rupees from Jethalal, Bogilal once again tried to escape by dodging it, but this time Tappu Sena has caught him mindlessly. But if Bogilal is clever, will he be able to escape once again by dodging or will he have to pay Jethalal’s money?
Tappu army tied Bogilal with ropes
as shown in the last episode that as soon as Bogilal got JethalalAnd when everyone’s conspiracy is revealed, he becomes cautious. There is a lot of uproar in the house, but at gunpoint, Bogilal runs away from the house. He locks the latch as soon as he gets out, so that all the Gokuldham people are locked inside the house and Bogilal comes down with his lawyer but as soon as he starts the car sitting in his car, the tires of the car will get punctured. The matter comes to know, after which he tries to escape on foot.
Tappu army locks on the gate
As soon as it reaches the main gate of the society, the lock is found on the gate there and taking advantage of this, the Tappu army ties Bogilal and his lawyer with ropes. At the same time, Sodhi also comes out by breaking the latch. It will be interesting to see now whether Bogilal will be forced to pay money by getting trapped in his web or will be able to escape by dodging again. Anyway, but if Bogilal is willing to pay, then Jethalal’s shop will not stop selling and neither will he have to go to the village.


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