Facebook on Friday announced a preliminary agreement with three of Australia’s publishers. Just a day before this, the Parliament of Australia passed a law that provides for payment in lieu of news to digital companies.

Facebook said that letters of intent have been signed with three independent news institutions ‘Private Media’, ‘Switz Media’ and ‘Solastic Media’. Facebook said in a statement that full agreements will be signed in the next 60 days in the context of the commercial agreement.

The statement said that these agreements will present a new chapter in the best journalism. Some of these also include payments for earlier content. At the same time, Rebecca Costello, chief executive of Switz Media, said the deal would help her company continue independent journalism.

“There has never been a need for pluralistic voices in the Australian press today,” Costello said in a Facebook statement.

Let me tell you that in Australia a few days ago, Facebook suddenly banned many pages, which affected many emergency services. Facebook banned posting anything on many pages that warned people about the corona virus, fire and cyclones. In fact, Facebook had banned this mainly on general news websites as well as many government pages and websites.

In fact, in Australia, Facebook was banned from posting news stories to all news pages there, displeased with the law made to give money to digital companies to show news. This ban of Facebook included the news website as well as some government departments and government sites.

Google and Facebook had already expressed their displeasure over this law. Google had said that if this law is passed, then that country will stop in its services. Also, Facebook had said that if it was forced to pay, Australian publishers would be barred from sharing the news, as Facebook later did.


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