The social media company Facebook said on Thursday that it is prohibiting all accounts linked to the army and advertisements of companies in its possession in view of the army’s occupation of Myanmar’s power on February 1. Facebook said in a statement that it considers the post-coup situation in Myanmar to be an emergency and that the ban has been imposed in the wake of the events following the coup, including deadly violence.

The company has already banned several accounts linked to the army, including the army-controlled Mayawadi TV and the state-run television broadcaster MRTV since the coup. Facebook-owned Instagram has also imposed this ban.

Facebook and other social media forums suffered a lot of criticism in 2017. Human rights groups at the time alleged that it did not take adequate steps to curb incriminating materials against Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minorities.

Junta has tried to disrupt Facebook and other social media platforms, but its efforts have been ineffective.


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