Face Of Gujarat Riots Kutubuddin Sheikh’s Reaction About Gujarat Poll: The poor, Dalits, and minorities are doing business with the Modi government! The Modi model is actually a people-fooling campaign. Two decades ago, he became a villain for the protection of Hinduism, but today he has to settle down on the pavement. Ashok Parmar, the ‘face of Hinduism’, expressed anger over the post-Godhra riots. However, Kutubuddin Ansari is careful about learning from the situation.

Amit Shah’s ‘Education’ of ‘Eternal Peace’ in Gujarat still haunts Qutbuddin from twenty years ago. According to him, those who are entrusted by the people to govern the country and state must be accountable to all communities. Otherwise, it will be difficult to protect the integrity of India. But Ashoka and Qutbuddin, who were on two poles twenty years ago, are now supreme. Qutbuddin was invited to the inauguration of Ashoka’s shoe shop. Ashok regularly inquires about Qutub Bhai’s business of making clothes.

Even after two decades, the horror of the Gujarat Riot is still equally vivid to the people of the country. The two faces of the riots are still etched in people’s minds. Qutbuddin and Ashok still could not forget about that day. The first is the defender of the minorities in riot-torn Gujarat. After two decades, today he is a clothier. Despite all this, Qutubuddin Ansari could not forget the contribution of Calcutta. Out of gratitude to the people of Calcutta, Qutb agreed to speak against the campaign.

Even after so many years, he could not forget the horror of that time. He said that the political businessmen had caused such a terrible incident for their own benefit. The country’s constitution does not say that. India is livable for people of all communities. But the divisive politics that is going on is never desirable. Wasn’t afraid to come back after the riots? What Qutbuddin said in response to the question is surprising. Biratnagar in Ahmedabad, India is my place of birth and work. How do I leave at that time, those who were clinging to the soil with gritted teeth in danger, left Kolkata and came back again.

Although Qutbuddin was cautious, Ashok Parmar, the face of Hindutva, raised his anger on the public streets when he heard the names of Modi-Amit Shah. According to him, Modi (Narendra Modi) became the Prime Minister by using us. Amit Shah became the Home Minister and went to the top of power. And panta Furoo to bring salt to poor people like us. In fact, the backward poor people are the market goods of leaders like Modi. He said, after two decades, today I feel that I have not done what I did that day out of excitement. I was used as a chess piece. Even today the footpath is my address because it was used for political purposes. Modi-Shahra has addressed the royal palace amid security. But Ashoka claims that he did not take anyone’s life. Not a single person from the minority community gave evidence against him in the court, he said. He feels that the contractors of Hindutva never work for the welfare of the really poor, backward people.

Ashoka, the face of Hinduism, spent his days on the pavement in front of Delhi Gate. Sews people’s shoes. He lives with his family in a nearby school. But Qutubuddin’s family is full. Doing business. And hopefully, the friendship between the two today. However, Kerala CPM is the architect of this relationship. A few years ago Qutubuddin and Ashok went to Kannur for an event called CPM. After talking to the leadership and people there, the ‘two friends’ walk together. But thinking about Ashoka’s situation brought tears to Qutbuddin’s eyes. Even after doing all this, the pain of life is still going on even today.


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