Ezhutachchan Award To Sethu: Culture Department Minister VN Vasavan announced in a press conference that Kerala Government’s biggest literary honor Ezhutachchan Award (2022) is being presented to Sri Sethu in consideration of his comprehensive contribution to Malayalam literature.

The judging panel comprising Kerala Sahitya Akademi President K Satchidanandan, Professor MK Sanu, Vaisakhan, Kaladi Sreesankaracharya University Vice Chancellor Dr. MV Narayanan and Culture Department Principal Secretary Rani George IAS unanimously recommended that the 2022 Ezhutachchan Award be presented to novelist and storyteller Sethu.

Sethu is a veteran writer who has found his own place in Malayalam stories and novels. He is a great personality who has made great contributions in great positions like Chairman of South Indian Bank, Director of State Bank of Travancore Bank, and Chairman of National Book Trust of India.
Eighty years later, Setu Akshar is worshiping in a peaceful and beautiful house in Kadungallur in Aluva. He has received almost all major awards in Malayalam. Novels such as Pandavapuram, Kaimudrakal, Markana, Kiratham, Sixth Girl, and Kilimozhikalkuppuram are bestsellers in Malayalam. His stories and novels have been published in various Indian and foreign languages, in between novels and short stories. His stories became the basis for many films.
Writer Sethu’s life experiences are a textbook to inspire the new generation. He is a great writer with a big bank of life experiences. Sethu is a writer who stands beyond the definitions of movements and trends and focuses on modernizing and contemporizing his writing.
Sethu is distinguished by their careful attention to innovation in theme and writing style. Sethu is also a writer who promotes democratic and secular values ​​through his writings and life.
One of the patriarchs of Malayalam literature, MT Vasudevan Nair, published Sethu’s first works through Mathrubhumi Weekly. MT says that Sethu’s creative life is like a pilgrimage. is marked. M.T. Sethu found a way of his own other than the way everyone went. Appreciate
Sethu retains the mindset of a rural countryman while addressing the most modern of times. Bringing a new taste and sensation to stories and novels, Sethu is a favorite writer among readers of all generations. Sethu’s narrative language, which tried to blend tradition and modernity, is hearty and simple. He makes excellent use of vernacular expressions. Sethu’s narrative art is filled with a completely natural linguistic atmosphere.
Sethu’s writer’s genius comes to the fore when he writes about family relationships. Setu captures the reciprocity and serenity that humans lose in the modern age’s struggle for survival, as if on paper. Sethu’s best characters are women who bear everything to keep their families alive even when their relationships break down. The signs are a tender expression of the inextricable connections between economic processes and human life in the age of globalization. Sethu’s masterpiece novel Pandavapuram brought a break in the history of Malayalam novels. Pandavapuram is a unique novel that is a blend of plot and emotion. Mati Sethu’s single novel Pandavapuram, which showed the courage to fearlessly confront and deeply renew the moral concepts and values ​​of the Malayalees, has earned Mati Sethu immortality in Malayalam literature.
Sethu also creates an experiential world of paranoia and nightmares while portraying Kerala’s social milieu. Sethu bears witness to the primordial questions hidden in the depths of the unconscious mind. Sethu is the most appropriate and meaningful use of fantasy in Malayalam. Malayalees saw their own face and mind in them.
Sethu does not try to realize any theory. His subject is human life. Its internal contradictions. Breakdowns in emotional relationships. Sethu is telling stories that can be read between the lines. In them, we find ordinary human beings with good minds.
Sethu’s career was in the midst of numbers. But he extended his genius to the wider world of letters. The story universe created by Sethu is an inseparable part of the Malayali soul. Time demands new academic studies about them.
Sahitya Akademi President K. Satchidanandan, Secretary C.P. Abubakar, and Sangeetha Nataka Academy Secretary Janardhanan attended the press conference.

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