The journey to Ladakh will be beautiful:The road from Leh to Kargil will be converted into a tourist highway, an oxygen parlor will open every 25 km

Express High Way Problems: Palnadu Express Highway, Is A Road Of Difficulties For Farmers: The widening of roads in the Palnadu area has brought problems to the farmers. Palnadu was formed as a new district as part of decentralization. Farmers of five villages in Narasa Raopet Constituency, which is developing as the district center, are worried that they are suffering serious losses due to the newly constructed express highway. Farmers of five villages in Narasa Raopet Constituency are worried that they are losing hundreds of acres of land with the Wadarevu Nakarikallu Express Highway being built with central government funds.

The central government has resumed efforts to develop the Vadarevu-Nakarikallu express highway at a cost of 860 crore rupees. Two-lane roads from Vadarevu to Chilakaluripet with 430 crores…Central government has sanctioned funds for expansion of four-lane roads with 450 crores from Chilakaluripet to Kesanupalli, Jonnalagadda, Narasaraopet, Issa Palem Gunta Garlapadu Ravipadu to Nakarikallu with 450 crores…National Highway Authority Jonnalagadda has already surveyed the land and other aspects of these areas. , Narasaraopet is preparing to construct four-lane roads to Nakarikallu via Ravipadu.

But hundreds of farmers in these areas are opposing the express highway. Farmers say that they have already taken hundreds of acres of land in our villages for the construction of roads and houses, and now it is not fair to ask for our land again in the name of an express highway. Farmers say that most of these areas are small-scale farmers and they know that their only purpose is to cultivate the inherited land.

Since these areas are now the district headquarters, the farms on the road cost three to four crores per acre, but the compensation given by the government is less than 40 lakhs per acre…that is, only 10 percent of the market rate comes as compensation to the farmers…In this context, a special arrangement for express highway lands. The farmers of five villages in Narasa Raopet Constituency are demanding that a re-survey should be done. They have already asked the local MLA, MP, District Collector, and all the officials to look into alternative options, but for political reasons and for self-interest, they are trying to construct an express highway to cause trouble to the farmers of these five villages. Farmers are suffering.

Narada Raopet MLA Gopireddy Srinivasa Reddy says that the express highway being established with the funds of the central government will benefit the people of the three districts and this express highway will become a bridge to connect Bapatla and Palnadu areas. The MLA says that there will be no need to re-survey the Express Highway now that the tenders have already been finalized and the National Authorities have completed the survey for the construction of the highway and finalized a policy that is acceptable to all. It is said that we are trying to reduce the loss to some extent to the farmers who are losing regardless of the government rates. The MLA says that he will talk to the district collector and other officials and support the farmers in all ways he will consult with the state and central governments and try to ensure that the farmers get a higher percentage of profit.


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