Covid-19 was found to be more harmful for pneumonia.

Explained: Why China Is Unable To Move Beyond Covid-19 Lockdowns, Corona Again In Dragon Country, Lockdown In Many Areas: A large number of corona cases have been registered in the capital city of Beijing. Due to this, the authorities imposed a partial lockdown there. People have been advised to confine themselves to their homes and must undergo corona tests. The authorities of Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Jicheng, Tongzhou, Yasqing, Changping, Shuni, and Haidian districts have also asked the people not to come out of their houses. It is advised to postpone non-essential journeys and everyone should undergo tests as a matter of course.

Corona epidemic has not left the world yet. It continues to flourish in various forms. The Coronavirus that came to light in Wuhan, China has taken the whole world by surprise. Now again the corona epidemic is spreading in China.

China Coronavirus: Corona epidemic has not left the world yet. It continues to flourish in various forms. The Coronavirus that came to light in Wuhan, China has taken the whole world by surprise. Now again the corona epidemic is spreading in China. Over 26,000 corona cases have been reported there in the last few days. According to the National Health Commission of the country, 26 thousand 824 cases were registered in China on Monday. Chinese officials said the figure was the highest since April. From Zhengzhou in the central Henan province to Chongqing in the southwest, more than 20,000 cases have been reported for six consecutive days. After the outbreak of the Covid epidemic and bringing the world to a standstill, the situation is now coming under control. All over the world, the cases are few and far between. The fear of death is gone. However, the situation is different in China, the birthplace of the epidemic. The number of new cases is increasing despite strict lockdown rules being implemented as part of the zero covid policy. The latest corona death occurred in China after six months. Dragon Country was shocked as three deaths were recorded in three days.

92 percent vaccination.

About 92 percent of the population in China has already been vaccinated against Covid. Strict lockdowns and quarantine regulations are still being implemented in many cities in China. As the cases of corona are coming to light, public anger is rising in China, which is imposing strict restrictions. China, which is following a zero-covid policy, has been imposing restrictions on the entire region despite a single case. As soon as the symptoms of corona appear, the victims are quarantined. It is forbidden to go out even in emergency situations. Due to this, children in quarantine are dying due to a lack of treatment during emergencies. People are expressing their anger at the government being so strict. They are turning against the local authorities. The government is being criticized as a social media platform. It is stated that this often happens because the Jin Ping government imposes restrictions in some places and lifts the regulations in other places.

Even if the zero covid policy is in place.

The first corona death was recorded in China after six months. The National Health Commission has announced that an 87-year-old man from the capital Beijing has died. With this, the authorities have imposed a semi-lockdown in Beijing. Government offices and educational institutions are closed again. Beijing has canceled all public activities. A man from Shanghai lost his life on May 26. With the latest deaths, only 5 thousand 229 people have died across China so far, the Health Commission has revealed. China is implementing strict restrictions in the name of zero covid policy, but the lack of cases is a cause for concern. In China, which has a population of 140 crores, more than 2 lakh 86 thousand people have been affected by the virus so far.

In this background, the authorities have again announced new restrictions as per the zero corona policy followed by the country. Less than six months ago, a person died of corona in Shanghai and a two-month lockdown was imposed in that city. With the recent death of Corona in Beijing, the fear of lockdown is haunting the people of that country’s capital. Parks in Beijing are closed as the number of corona positives increases. Although there is a severe impact on business and the economy, there is no compromise in the matter of sanctions.

Millions of people are confined to their homes.

Millions of people in Zhengzhou city are confined to their homes due to Corona restrictions. If symptoms of covid emerge, they have shifted to quarantine centers away from the city. It is known that two children lost their lives in Zhengzhou due to the strict restrictions of Covid, and there is a lot of anger from the Chinese. As a result, the authorities have announced that the restrictions on children under 3 years of age have been relaxed in the areas where the restrictions are still in place.


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