Exclusive Rudranil Ghosh: Rudranil Talks To Men Who Want To Celebrate ‘Bachelorhood’ By Hiding Their Wives: I see myself as an activist of Cinedunia. Growing or surviving on the trust and blessing of our audience.

He is a parody man—he has a knack for criticizing the ruling party of the state by uploading parodies of various political events on Facebook. This Rudranil Ghosh is not only an actor but also a screenwriter. He is also the screenwriter and actor of the next film in the ‘Bivah Abhiyan’ series (this ‘Ghoshbabu’ was also the screenwriter of the first ‘Bivah Abhiyan’). While writing this story, he felt that the mainstream film will never die. Rudranil believes that as long as people’s love and dreams are alive, mainstream films will remain important. According to ‘Ghoshbabu’, South commercial films are doing business all over India (Pan-India). Besides, serious films are also being shot in the south. Screenwriter and actor Rudranil talks candidly about ‘Bivah Abhiyan 2’ with TV9 Bangla.

In the background of the story, the husband and wife’s familiar grumbling is still there.

The core of the story of ‘Bivah Abhiyan’ is the tension between husband and wife. That is to say, how to make each other happy after marriage, the husbands have a campaign… I will live a bit of a bachelor’s life, but the wife must also be happy. So-called husbands are against this bachelor life. Where is she hanging out with whom, and what time is she returning home (after marriage comes a bit of responsibility), the tracking continues. Since men want to chat a little on their own, as a result, hiding the wife, saving the family, the bachelorhood feeling that I have left little by little—the campaign to keep it alive, that is the marriage campaign.

What’s new in the story plot?

After the first success, we have been thinking about doing this for a long time. That’s how the plan started. But covid has to stop. But this stop has a contribution. We have been able to insert several incidents in the story, which are actually happening between husband and wife in society. New and new problems, various needs and desires have grown in them… Society changes, along with the relationship. That is what has been tried to be inserted in this story. This time foreign countries have come into the story. But commercial films mean foreign countries, not at all. If you see the picture, you will understand when Bengalis go abroad and for what reasons, this edition is based on that. And there is a reason in this story that everyone can relate to. You will also have a lot of fun.

Saurabh is a new face in the cast…

Along with the casting that was in the previous film, several other important characters have been brought into the story. For example, Saurabh Das joined the ‘Wedding Abhiyan’ team this year. It is a very interesting character. This time Shamik Halder is directing, this is his directorial debut (Shamik Haldar is a popular cinematographer). As a result, the very good frame that viewers will get in the film is also an additional gain for us.

Like Ganesha, the trump card of the story is Sourav.

Hey, let’s say it. It is difficult to break pots in the market. Then the fun of going to the cinema will be lost. Rather let the audience watch the film and discover for themselves. But yes, more materials have been added to it since then.

What do you initially keep in mind while writing the story of ‘Bivah Abhiyan’?

See, our job is to find a little bit of positivity in the midst of this constant turmoil, hassle, work pressure, and family pressure… from anywhere. As a result, in that case, the ‘Wedding Campaign’ will try to make the whole family happy. From eight to eighty, in this stressful market, he can laugh a little and live well. In that effort, the story is arranged with different materials. As a writer, I can say that there is not a single scene in this movie, which will not make the audience laugh out loud.

Apart from that, is there any new story writing going on?

We will sit with this planning in a few days. Several things come to mind. You know what’s going on, I see myself as a Cinedunia worker. Growing or surviving on the trust and blessing of our audience. As a result, we have to save what we know as our livelihood so that we can live together and get the opportunity to do what we love. At the same time, I can keep people’s entertainment intact. This is our responsibility. But one thing, which is very important in today’s era, is that the word ‘I’ is gradually changing to ‘We’ in cinema. Ten people have to make something together. As the demand for visitors is increasing, we have to do exchanges with many people to deliver the things they like to different types of visitors. As a result, I am trying to create something as a team. And not I, we, therefore, have been constantly discussing several good things.


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