Mumbai Nadeem-Shravan fame Nadeem, who escaped from India after he was accused of involvement in the murder of music mogul Gulshan Kumar on August 12, 1997, on phone from Letest Serial Gossip News from London on the death of his music partner Shravan from Corona Exclusive conversation. During this entire conversation Nadeem could not control his emotions and wept several times remembering Shravan.

To know Nadeem’s first reaction to Shravan’s death, as soon as Letest Serial Gossip News called him in London, Nadeem started crying bitterly as soon as he picked up the phone. The first words that came out in the memory of Shravan from the mouth of the crying Nadeem were – “I lost my younger brother … I lost my younger brother.” Throughout the conversation, Nadeem repeated this line several times, shedding tears repeatedly.

“Shravan and I suffered a lot”
After a few moments Nadeem took over himself, he said, “Both me and Shravan have suffered a lot in life and we both have had to endure everything in my life. There was no mistake. ” Saying this, Nadeem again could not control his tears and started crying. Crying once again, Nadeem said, “Life troubled both of us a lot but we both could not do anything for ourselves.” Nadeem refused to say anything about the problems of the two and shared more memories related to them.

Feeling very emotional, Nadeem once again tried to handle himself and said, “He always used to treat me like an elder brother instead of considering me as a music partner and I had a lot of respect for him. People used to tell me that whenever I used to call Nadeem, he used to stand up in my honor and only then used to talk to me on the phone. He used to respect me so much It was proving very difficult for me to say in words. ”

Beginning with Bhojpuri film Dangal
Nadeem-Shravan made their debut as a composer duo from Bhojpuri film ‘Dangal’ in the 70s. After this, ‘Maine Jeena Shiksha Liye’, which came in 1981, was the first Hindi film of composer Nadeem-Shravan.

Which thing of Shravan will you remember the most? On this question of Letest Serial Gossip News, Nadeem said, “There is no such thing as Shravan that I will ever forget. Every thing of his is stuck in my mind. It has never happened in my life when I have requested anything from him, he said something. Ho and he has deferred my talk. He used to listen to my every thing carefully like a younger brother and always used to listen to my everything. He never denied me for anything. ” While saying this, Nadeem started crying once again after getting emotional.

In the 90s, Jalwa
together with Nadeem in the 90s, as the most successful composer duo, Shravan gave hit music and hundreds of popular songs of many films which are still on people’s tongue. As a musician in the 90s, Nadeem-Shravan spoke in Bollywood so much that the music of both used to be in every second-third film. Every other producer and director used to aspire to make his films a hit with the magic of his music. The music of both of them was such that many films made a big dent at the box office due to their music at that time. The superhit songs of the film ‘Aashiqui’ released in 1990 changed the fate of Nadeem-Shravan forever and then the two never looked back.

In these films, the hit music
Nadeem-Shravan duo ‘Aashiqui’, ‘Saajan’, ‘Sadak’, ‘Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi’, ‘Saathi’, ‘Deewana’, ‘Phool Aur Kaante’, ‘Hum Hai Rahi’ Pyaar Ke ‘,’ Raja Hindustani ‘,’ Jaan Tere Naam ” Rang ‘,’ Raja ‘,’ Dhadak ‘,’ Pardes’, ‘Dilwale’, ‘Raj’, ‘Andaz’, ‘Barsaat’, ‘Only You’ In many films like ‘Kasoor’, ‘Bewafa’, he had made his mark as the most successful and the most expensive music composer of that era by giving hit music.

Nadeem told Letest Serial Gossip News that despite being in London for so many years, he was in touch with Shravan and he used to call him often. Nadeem said, “20-25 days ago I had a conversation with Shravan on the phone. We had talked a lot at that time. We also had a lot of talks about concert in America soon. It was a long conversation During the time both of us had decided that we would finalize all the talks about the concert as soon as the effect of the Kovid was reduced and the atmosphere was normal, but we would always leave me before we would meet again and work together forever. Gone for. ” Saying this, Nadeem’s throat got stitched once and he started crying again.


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