After a strong testimony by actor Sushant Singh Rajput of a former bodyguard about his deep addiction to charas and marijuana, a thorough investigation by India Today indicates that Bollywood may be hit by a drug addiction epidemic.

Mushtaq, who worked as a private security escort of the late actor from 2018 to 2019, told India Today’s Undercover Reporters that he saw Rajput carrying expensive imported varieties of charas while traveling in private parties and cars.

If insiders of the Hindi film industry, who were talked about during the India Today investigation, believe that the roots of drugs are spread everywhere in Bollywood.

‘No Party Without Cocaine’  

A Bollywood choreographer, musician, DJ, and singer claims that film celebrities are mostly of coke (cocaine). This person is identified for Re-Mix Albums. According to him, no party is considered a party in Mayanagari if it does not contain cocaine.

He said, “If you don’t have cocaine then your party flops? Are you stupid? Why did you call me? You don’t have coke?” According to Singer, if cocaine is not arranged in the party, then celebrity guests mock the host by raising similar questions.

An undercover reporter who spoke about his identity as a filmmaker asked Singer, “What sells the best in Bollywood?”

Singer- “Cocaine, it runs out fast because four-five people queue up to take it.”

According to Singer-Composer, the drug couriers for Bollywood parties have the codename “Gote” and are spread across Mumbai and take orders on call. He further added, “They will have an elderly person who will come on a Khachada scooter. No one will doubt his appearance. He will come fast without losing time when called. Such people live in every area.”

The Insider of Bollywood claimed that film celebrities also take dope (drugs) in a heavily guarded lounge in popular pubs. Singer said, there are VIP lounges, which are on the tight watch. This is very common. You take, I take, he takes. No one needs to hide. They have formed their teams. If you have to, then do. ”

According to the Re-Mix Artist, celebrities talk about stuff (drugs) all night. The singer told the celebrities’ conversation, “How much (amount of drugs) do you have? How much am I carrying? This is my dealer, who is yours? My substance is better and better than yours. It’s their overnight “Where does it come from? From whom? From what village in Colombia? Where was it mixed?”

Singer-Composer also confessed about his own addiction. He said, “I used to take cocaine earlier. There was no other option. What will I do if all the other people sitting there are taking it? We will start at 9 pm and continue till 10-11-12 pm the next day.” ”

Not a common exception?  

As an action and film director and actor, another insider associated with Bollywood supported Singer’s composer claims. According to him, drug addiction is not an exception in Bollywood but more common. The man said, “Everyone is in it. Everyone takes it to parties. They take drugs at every party, it is all seen. You can find out by looking at their faces. They are seen in all parties at all Huh.”

The director-actor named some top stars. According to his accusation, he has a lot of addiction. She claimed, “There is a team of four-five people, deeply involved in drugs. All take drugs. Who doesn’t? Even some actresses do it.” According to him, drugs for Bollywood are procured from Dubai’s suppliers.

“Special Cartel for Bollywood Supply”  

A leading Bollywood production designer and art director have worked with several big banners. He claimed that film personalities get their stuff from a special drug cartel. He said, “Stars have their own lobby. It is very specific. They operate in a very secret manner. There will be a boy who is doing all the deals. Their suppliers operate at a very high level of secrecy. “


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