Exclusive Anamika Saha: Can’t You Eat That You Gave The Girl To The Binoculars, Who Told Anamika?: My father-in-law said, ‘Don’t do the film. You have a beautiful voice, you work in radio.’ After that, I worked in more than 5000 plays.

Had to quit acting due to family pressure. Dubbing, spending time with radio. How did Anamika Saha return to the screen as a villain, how did the second innings of her career begin? TV 9 Bangla told that story.

There are many villain characters in the series, have you ever been called?

I did not continue, and no one called me. Those who are acting in the serial, probably have not seen those films of mine. Where is the master of acting these days? Our time was master. Those who direct the series now lack that dedication. Where to stop, where to say—that lack of knowledge about acting. Crypt will give and say, did not memorize? That’s why I ‘lighted up and stopped. I thought I wouldn’t do it again. I will not do this act again. ‘Bhanumati Khel’ was very good. After doing that, I didn’t do it again.


Do you think a female villain could hold that spot after you?

No, no, no, no (Anamika uttered the word ‘no’ four times in a row). sorry, They cannot perform at that level. Directors can’t even do it. It is not a negative character if you roll your eyes a little. My character has left a mark on people’s minds. Even when I go to the village, everyone says my dialogue in one sentence. Now in which film does this happen? Everyone remembers the hero-heroine, how many remember the mother-in-law? 20,000, 25,000 people say my dialogue. From the movie ‘Sawshurbari Zindabad’, ‘How much money will you take, 5,000, 10,000?’ Yes, the audience in front shouted the name of the film. ‘Vader Mey Jyotsna’ was released in 1994… can’t imagine how much love it still gets. I think this is my ultimate find. Maybe not a star. But I managed to make a place in people’s hearts.

How to return to Tollywood as a villain?

Then you have to go back first. I was 16 years old. I work in Tarun Majumder’s film. I was admitted to Scottish Church College in the first year. The picture was taken, and the beatings started at home. Will not allow to take pictures. Filming at that time meant that the relatives would call the mother and say, ‘Can’t you eat that you gave your daughter to the bioscope?’ I am surprised to hear all that, but it will happen if it is on the forehead rather than in words. i couldn’t


What was the response from the in-laws?

My father-in-law said, ‘Don’t take pictures. You have a beautiful voice, you work in radio.’ After that, I worked in more than 5000 plays. I used to dub all the films in Bombay. Every hit film. ‘Amar Sangeet’ Vijayata is mine, Juhi Chawla is mine… S-A-A-A-B is mine. Then I was dubbing a film in 1990, and a tall boy told me, ‘Didi wants to talk to you for a film from Bangladesh.’ I said, come to my house and talk to my father-in-law. That’s what they do. That’s how I got the opportunity to work in ‘Veder Mey Jyotsna’. My second innings started.

Remember someone special this time who helped you make a comeback in Tollywood?

Oh dad, yes. of course He is Chiranjit. He advises me, ‘You become a little fatter. Then play the role of Aunty, Grandmother, Grandmother. You love acting, you don’t think you will have any problems at home if you play this kind of role.’ Because my family was against watching romantic scenes. Then my new struggle began. I started getting fat. Pantabhat, fane Bhat… I didn’t look like that. If you see me before, no one will recognize me now. After that, different characters made history one by one.


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