In Uttarakhand, 35 elephants and 8 Guldars lost their lives in the last ten years. In order to protect the farmland from wildlife, people had installed current wires in the fields, which caused these accidents. This fact has been revealed in the report of the Wildlife Protection Society of India. The Society released the report at the conclusion of Wildlife Week.

Society executive officer Joseph Tito said that in many states across the country, the death toll of wildlife due to current is constantly increasing. In such a situation, its report was prepared by the society in all the states. It was revealed that 35 elephants and 8 guldars have been killed in Uttarakhand since 2010. The main reason for this is that the tension lines become loose over time.

Because of this elephants are often vulnerable to such lines. Apart from this, people leave the farm at night in the barges to protect agriculture from wildlife. Due to this, guldar, pig and monkey etc. are in the grip of current. This led to the death of eight Guldars, while a large number of monkeys and other animals also lost their lives. Many animals became crippled.

According to Tito, along with the report, suggestions have been given to the states to prevent it, so that such accidents can be prevented. According to Tito, the highest number of accidents occurred in Haridwar and Nainital district. 

The main reason for the death of wild animals is that in about two years, the hypertension lines start to loose and swing. For this, the Energy Corporation has been written to tighten the lines from time to time. Lawsuits are filed against those who plant the fields. It has also been asked to be more vigilant everywhere. 


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