Qatar World Cup 2022: Star Footballers Who Have Been Ruled Out Of Qatar World Cup By Injuries

Excitement Around The Match Between Germany And Spain In The World Cup Is High: According to FIFA rules, a footballer must accompany the coach to the traditional press conference on the day before the match. In these cases, the team captain is usually sent to the press conference with the coach by the team management. But on this day, as soon as the press conference started at the main media center of the Qatar International Library, it was seen that only coach Hansi Flick came. There are no footballers. Naturally, the discussion began, why did the German coach do this before the Spain match?

Times are not going well for German football. Failed in Euro. On top of that, world football was shocked when Germany was eliminated from the first round in the last World Cup in Russia. But after coming to Qatar (Football World Cup 2022) and losing to Japan in the first match, now no one is saying that the result against Germany is inevitable. Instead, of the main discussion throughout the Qatar World Cup before playing against Spain on Sunday, Spain played against Costa Rica in the first match. In the group situation, Germany will need at least one point against Spain to survive to go to the next round.

But it is also possible to get? Because two years ago, Spain beat Germany 6-0. Before coming to play in the World Cup, ‘I will understand against Spain’, the talk of the German camp flew from the German camp, but in the current situation, the thought is at the level of impossible. Because of the poor performance of Spain against Costa Rica in the first match. In that way, Spain beat Costa Rica 7-0 without any number nine position. As a result, Luis Enrique’s team is in a rather cheerful mood before going down to play against Germany. However, since the match is between two powerhouses in world football like Spain vs. Germany, the outcome is not predictable.

Why didn’t any of the team’s footballers bring German coach Flick to the press conference? Especially after this decision, FIFA can also find the German Football Federation. Flick said, “I’m thinking more about resting the footballers than the fines.” Because we know how important we are going to play tomorrow against Spain. If you don’t get one point for any reason, you will be eliminated from the World Cup. In these circumstances, I did not think it important to drag the footballers three hours away from our camp to a press conference without resting them. In the last World Cup, where we camped, we used to hold a press conference. But this time the press conference has to be held from far away. I thought about the footballers.

And the atmosphere of tension in the German camp before the match on Sunday, after winning by 7 goals in the first match, there is no trace of that tension in Spain. Instead, Spanish coach Enrique says, “Playing against a team like Germany means enjoying it. Don’t forget the team name is Germany. Those whose jerseys have but four stars.”Face off in the World Cup on Sunday. But several footballers from both teams play together in club football. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Manchester City, Leipzig, Chelsea – several footballers from both teams play together in different clubs. As a result, despite playing against each other in the World Cup match on Sunday, the opposing footballers know each other’s strengths and weaknesses very well.

Enrique is so relaxed ahead of this match that he says footballers can have sex during the World Cup. And Enrique has no problem with that. Saaf said, “Footballers are under a lot of stress at this time. So footballers can be much more stress-free if they have a normal sex life.”

Spain’s biggest win at the World Cup was 6-1 before a 7-0 thrashing of Costa Rica. They beat Bulgaria in the ’98 World Cup. But compared to now, the name of the opposing team is Germany. Enrique said, “I accept as Germany.” But whatever game they change their style to play, we will play our game. won’t change We may even change some players from the team that played against Costa Rica.”

On the contrary, the German coach says, “The last two competitions have gone very badly for us. The Spain match on Sunday is as important for us as the World Cup final. We will play with the final in mind.”

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