This could be the playing XI of Team India in the first T20, Dhawan is set to return

Ex-Coach: Shami Was Upset When He Was Left Out Of The World Cup Squad, He Just Didn’t Express It: Shami was initially not included in India’s 15-man squad for the T20 World Cup. Instead, the star’s name was in the traveling reserve.

Shami was then replaced by star pacer Jasprit Bumrah who was injured and dropped from the World Cup squad. Shami’s non-inclusion initially led to a lot of criticism.


Shami has performed well in India’s four matches in the World Cup Super 12 so far.

But now Shami’s former coach has revealed that not being included in the team made Shami upset.
Muhammad Badruddin.

The coach disclosed this in an interview with Indian Express.

“At first Shami was very angry. He just didn’t express it. Initially, there was a hope that he would be considered for the upcoming T20 World Cup in Australia.

His pitches were perfect for his bowling. But he was very upset when he came to know that he did not get the selection.

Still, he did not stop practicing. He will throw 10 wet balls in a row. It is difficult to get a grip on a wet ball. Shami bowls at least 100 balls daily to improve his bowling.

Shami has prepared two pitches for practice, fast and slow. Still able to run for at least four hours. Running is important to Shami and he is not interested in going to the gym.

Shami has acres of land. The tractor will be brought to the uncultivated land and the soil will be turned over. Running is the key, running for hours,’ the coach told The Indian Express.


He has taken one wicket each in the matches he has played in the T20 World Cup so far. Team India’s last Super-12 match is against Zimbabwe on Sunday.

As there is no possibility of change in the playing eleven, there are indications that Shami will also play against Zimbabwe.

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