Chief Minister: Tripura Government's Main Focus Is To Deliver The Benefits Of People-Oriented Projects To The People

Ex CM Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy Sensational Comment In Unstoppable With Nbk Show On Aha Telugu News: Has former Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy left anonymity.. is he going to enter active politics again. What will be his next step after joining the Congress party? Where will this ray that suddenly shined on the OTT platform with his friend shine?

Nandamuri Balakrishna – Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy

After a long time, former Chief Minister Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy appeared. That also shone with his friend Suresh Kumar Reddy and another friend Balakrishna. Kiran Kumar Reddy made sensational comments on the unstoppable talk show hosted by Balakrishna. These are now leading to political debate.

Nallari said that YS was misled in his case

Nallari was shocked that he became CM only because he was alive. It did not stop there. He recalled the incidents of a senior minister who had misled YSR in his case. In general, Kiran Kumar Reddy was very close to YSR.. YSR trusted Kiran very much. And in the case of Kiran Kumar Reddy, everyone is asking who is the minister who misled the then CM YSR.

Many developments when Kiran became CM

When Kiran Kumar Reddy became CM, many exciting developments took place. No one expected him to become the CM but unexpectedly his name came to the fore at that time and it became a sensation in political circles. Kiran Kumar Reddy gave clarity on this in the latest episode. Balayya highlighted that in the promo. Balakrishna said in the show that recently he saw Balayya’s family and now he will see Balayya’s friendship. Similarly, he invited his college friends, former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and former speaker Suresh Reddy, and put before the public the incidents that happened from his college days till Kiran Kumar became the CM. Interesting comments made by Kiran Kumar Reddy on this occasion are causing a sensation.

A new political party after the partition of the state

With many political developments after the division of the state, he also formed a new political party. After that, he stayed away from politics. In the meantime, Kiran Kumar Reddy, who visited his hometown in Chittoor, assured them that he would soon become politically active again and solve everyone’s problems.

Now Nallari wants to show his strength again

After the partition of the state, he rejoined Congress for a long time. But despite joining the Congress party, he never played an active role in the party. At that time there were reports that he was hoping for the post of APCC chief. At the same time, Kiran Kumar Reddy met Sonia Gandhi. But what happened to the talks with Sonia? After that, he again stayed away from the Congress party. Now he has joined Congress again. They are looking to spread their power in AP. He wants to get into active politics again.. In addition to this, the people of Telugu states are waiting to see how many things Balayya said in the interview will attract more interest.


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