Even In My Youth I Never Saw So Clearly: Former Congress MLA C.P. Thanked Abate AS Al Salama Eye Hospital: Former Congress MLA C.P. is sharing his experience when he underwent cataract surgery at the old Al Salama Hospital, which has now been renamed Abate AS. Muhammad.

CP speaks about the excellent treatment at Abate AS Al Salama and the treatment of patients by the doctors, management, and other staff there. Muhammad speaks. In his words;

“My eyesight has deteriorated over the past year. It is known that cataracts occur when you get older. Being a post-angioplasty person and having very high sugar levels, I was afraid of what would happen.

Not the fear of death. What scared me was living after losing my sight. My thoughts are all about the blind.

There will be many health problems in a human’s life. All organs are important. But the most important thing is the eye. I have had eye problems since childhood. There was a short site.

In the past, the teachers used to bring it to the front bench. The world-famous M.C. Modi’s eye treatment camp has been attended by thousands of people. I was a patient of Dr. Nambisan, a very famous doctor in Thrissur.

As for me, he is someone who walks blindfolded all the time. All the doctors who showed me said that it is cataracts and surgery is necessary. The surgery was a nightmare for me with severe diabetes. So I tried to avoid seeing the doctor as much as possible.

Later he went to Sridharayam, an Ayurvedic hospital in Koothattukulam. It is not a bad hospital. But they also examined me and said that there is nothing that can be done now, there is no treatment here, and surgery is required. He also told me to go to the appropriate hospital.

As I am a public servant and former MLA, many friends asked me to go to many hospitals. It was not even possible to read the newspaper.

It was in this situation that I remembered the divine doctor working at Abate AS Al Salama Hospital. So-called them on the phone. They went there as they were told to come. A preliminary examination of my eyes was done. They said that the cataract is large and there should be no delay and the surgery should be done immediately.

And thought nothing of it. He agreed to do the surgery. I went on Monday and it was decided to have surgery on Wednesday. The surgery was completed under the guidance of Dr. Zafarullah and Divya. I didn’t even feel the pain of an ant bite. Five minutes after the surgery, the medicine was in hand. I went home.

The next day, when I removed the plaster over my eye, the first thing I looked at was the calendar on the wall in front of me. Even in my youth, I have never seen such clarity. I felt very happy.

When he went to the hospital again on the fourth day, Dr. Shaji Hussain examined me. He said the surgery was a complete success and there was no complication. I then said that I want surgery on my left eye as well. That was done.

Now the name has been changed to ABATE AS Al Salama, not Al Salama Hospital. Pattambi MLA invited me to the inauguration of the new hospital. I have known Doctor Sadiq and Doctor Divya for many years. I was very happy when I went to such a hospital.

I have not been to Abate AS Al Salama for treatment. Many people discouraged it. People in our country have a problem, and if it is an establishment close to home, they will blame it. So some people told me not to go to Abate AS Al Salama. But I ordered both and decided to go. Through experience, I was convinced that it was the right decision.

I have visited and been admitted to many hospitals in my life. But who is the VIP in a hospital, not the MD or the shareholders but the patients who come there? I was not treated as a politician or an MLA at Abate AS Al Salama. The poor people who come there will be given hospitality like in Star Hotel. I was surprised to see the behavior of the staff there. So are the doctors, management, and nursing staff.

The new Abate AS Al Salama hospital is a model of what the doctors and staff should be like in a hospital. Al Salama and Abate AS are the same. Neither management nor staff has changed. The best treatment for patients without compromising on quality and decent price. A compassionate approach to very poor workers.

The eye is a very important organ. I felt that I should tell people about my experience at the old Al Salama hospital, Abate AS, which was treating that eye. My heartfelt thanks to the doctors, management and every staff there,” C.P. Muhammad said.


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