The country’s top executives (CXOs) believe that a large percentage of their employees will stay away from office (remote) even after the epidemic. That is, a large number of employees will work from home or from any other place of their convenience even after the epidemic. This is stated in a report released on Wednesday by Deloitte. The report states that companies have already invested in technology for remote work or flexible working hours.

Deloitte said, India’s top executives believe that after the epidemic and the lockdown ends, a greater percentage of their workforce will work remotely. There are more Indian executives who believe in this than global executives. Deloitte’s Global Resilience Report-2021 states that the change in the way employees work since 2020 is sustainable.

70 percent of the Indian executives surveyed said that 2020 is not a rare development for them and they believe that they will have to see such tax changes sometime or on a regular basis. Globally, the number of such executives is 62 percent. Joydeep Dutta, partner of Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu India LLP, said the year 2020 forced organizations in India and the rest of the world to think creatively amid a changing environment.


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