Even After Marriage Or Study: Maniyammavan In Jaya Hai Seems To Crack Up Even The Audience: Directed by Vipin Das, Jay Jay Jay Jay Hai is a film that presents various problems faced by women through the family background. The film tells the story of a group of people who are not allowed to accept women and lead their lives the way they want.

The film depicts the raw story of women who have to bury their own likes and desires and live for the will of others from the day they are born.

Every character in the film has its own layers. Maniammavan played by Sudhir Paravoor is one of the best characters in the movie. Sudhir appears as Jaya’s mother’s brother in the film.

Spoiler alert

If you want a performance that makes even the audience want to explode, you can say Maniammavan. Maniammavan is a character who believes that marriage is the goal of life for girls and makes even those who don’t think so think like that.

When Jaya’s father says that he will raise his daughter like Nehru raised Indira, Maniammavan’s dialogue is ‘But I need hair, otherwise, the wedding will not take place’. Jaya, who was playing on the top of the tree with his brothers, was brought down from there by his uncle. Pulli’s argument is that the locals will make the woodcutter call a woman.


Maniammavan arrives there and destroys the plan thoroughly, while the father and mother are half-hearted thinking that Jay, who has got good marks in plus two and got admission in the best college in the neighboring district, will be sent to study.

Pullikaran’s argument is that even if the girls study, there is nothing special, and if it is a nearby college, they will return home by four o’clock.

When Pulli says that he can get a seat in the nearby MSM college through his ‘significant’ intervention, the audience who gets confused at least for a moment can fully recognize the ‘pure villain’ of Maniammavan in the next scene when the board of Olamenga Parallel College is shown.

When Jaya’s family accuses Jaya of having a love affair, it is Maniammavan who takes Jaya’s marriage as fuel for the fire. Pulli says the ‘classic Ammawan dialogue’ that he is married against his will and can learn even after marriage.


Maniammavan, who is leaving Jaya after her marriage, says that he has been waiting for this day since the day Jaya was born. In this way, the director is very accurately portraying some of the uncles whom many have met in daily life through the character of Maniammavan.

Sudhir Paravoor has managed to make Maniammavan look great in every scene. He has a character that makes the audience feel extremely angry. Maniammavan in Jaya Hai is one of the strong characters of Sudhir Paravoor, who has established himself in Malayalam cinema through small roles. The audience has also accepted Maniammavan in the negative shade of Sudhir, who makes Malayali laugh a lot through comedy skits.

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