Elli Avram's brother had a brain tumor in the year 2019

Bollywood actress and famous dancer Elli Avram is known for her bold style. He has given strong dance performance in more than one film. Recently, he has told many things related to his personal life during an interview. Eli has seen many ups and downs in his life. He has also had to face a lot of difficulties to reach this point. Ellie told during the interview, “The last year has not been good for my family. My brother Constantin Everamidis had a brain tumor and had to undergo a diagnosis. My family was very upset and we were all very worried about him.”

Eli said that his brother is still fine and slowly his health is improving. He said, “Slowly everything is getting normal. We pray to God that everything should be as good as before. We do not want to remember that era again. We want it to heal as soon as possible.” Ho and we can have fun as before. “

2019 is not a good year 

Ellie told that the year 2019 was very bad for her family and she wants to forget that year as soon as possible. He said, “We do not want to remember the time when we came to know about the situation of my brother. We were very upset.” Ellie said to her brother, “I get scared at times wondering what phase he must have gone through. How much pain he must have had to endure.”

Trouble due to lockdown in 2020 

Eli Avram said that in the beginning of the year 2020 she had planned to work on many projects but the corona virus epidemic led to a lockdown and then she could not work on those projects. Ellie said, “It is sad when you can’t do the things you like. We had to face a lot of problems because of the lockdown.” Eli said that that time was very difficult for him as well.


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