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Women can also touch the sky if they want. Women Fighter Pilots of the Indian Air Force have proved this. These women say that every woman has every right to dream and should try her best to fulfill it and should not give up easily. On the occasion of International Women’s Day , NDTV India spoke to three women fighter flying officers of the Indian Air Force, Anjali, Flying Lieutenant Mohana Singh and Flying Lieutenant Bhawna Kanth. They say that at first we dreamed of flying. This was also thought, now when the dream is fulfilled, you are getting a lot of satisfaction.

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When asked this question whether they are inferior to their male pilots in any sense, she says that if we got a chance, we proved it. We have no distinction, no difference. They say that they are no less than men. We also do the challenges that they face. Today women carry the responsibility with full potential. She also says that even though women are less in combat roles right now, this decision was taken late. There is still less awareness in the society about this. Of course there are only 10 women pilots in the Air Force but in the coming time there will be 100. There are currently 13 percent women in the Air Force, but now the number is increasing gradually.

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Flying Officer Anjali Sukhoi flies while Lieutenant Mohana Singh and Flying Lieutenant Bhawna Kanth fly a 21 Bison. On this, these women pilots say that we do not fly big ships on our shoulders. The machine does its job. We work according to what we have been taught. Women pilots of the Air Force say that after wearing the uniform, we have a sense of responsibility and duty and if we get a chance, we will die for the country.

At present, there are a total of 10 women fighter pilots in the Air Force. Three women fighter pilots became the first in the Air Force in 2016. In the first batch, Flying Lieutenant Avni Chaturvedi, Flying Lieutenant Mohana Singh and Flying Lieutenant Bhawana Kanth became the three women fighter pilots. These women say that every girl should dream, no dream is small. Dreams should be big. There is no limit when it comes to fulfilling dreams. Never give up One day dreams will definitely come true. We should try our best for this.


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