Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In this episode Bhim Rao took of his coat, Joshi rubbed it at the ground together along with his foot. Bhim Rao silently watched him. Bhim Rao went to his work.

At night, all of us celebrated Pushpa’s birthday with the aid of using dancing and singing. Daliya amma and Rama watched from their balcony. Jijabai changed into satisfied as she organized meal for all of us. She requested Lakshmi to be satisfied, Bhim Roa and Rama exited the residence. Jijabai stopped all of us for the meal. Bhim Rao got here, went to his home. Hitesh changed into satisfied to peer Bhim Rao go back from his responsibility at the same time as his spouse waits for him. it changed into for the primary time that Bhim Rao appeared like a man. Ramji and Puranjan got here home, they have been requested to enroll in the celebration. Ramji fell to ground. Bhim Rao desired to name a physician, Ramji stopped him on the premise of reducing all ties with him. Jijabai requested Bhim Rao to depart. Anand went to get a physician. Rama took Bhim Rao inside.

Joshi knowledgeable his uncle approximately crushing Bhim Rao’s coat towards the ground. Bhim Rao deserved it, Joshi changed into satisfied approximately Bhim Rao’s defeat. Uncle noticed Bhim Rao on the fishpond, desired him to recognise the realty of his decrease caste. Joshi desired to smash Bhim Rao and Ramji, seeks their death.

The physician after gazing stated that Ramji had to rest, he need to be saved satisfied and strain free. He wrote a few medicine. The physician left.

Bhim Rao went after the physician, investigated approximately Ramji’ fitness. The physician answered that Ramji’s fitness has been failing for a while now, he ought to be taken care of. Bhim Rao recalled Bhimbai’s final moments and failing fitness. Bhim Rao had a trauma, stated that Bhimabai had the identical trouble which took her life. Bhim Rao desired to attend to his father. Rama consoled her, that they’d the proper being Ramji’s son and daughter in-law. Rama confident Bhim Rao, took him inside.

Ramji requested all of us to sleep. Anand requested him to rest. Ramji stated to sleep after waking Bhim Rao for college. Puranjan requested Ramji to sleep, they took him to his bed.

In the morning, Bhim Rao changed into massaging Ramji’s legs. Ramji inquired. Rama served him tea. Jijabai got here, requested Bhim Rao to depart as his presence worsens Ramji’s fitness. Bhim Rao wanted to speak to Ramji first. Bhim Rao stated that he changed into wondering rather to Ramji, however he didn’t need his father to be disappointed approximately it. Neither did he go away his training nor will he ever. He desired Ramji to consider him and cope with him. Ramji checked out Bhim Rao and Rama, praised Rama for her tea. Asked them to depart and in no way go back to this residence again. He requested Rama now no longer to carry tea again. Ramji changed into dissatisfied at Bhim Rao’s behavior, requested them to depart. Bhim Rao and Rama left. Jijabai determined to distance Bhim Rao from his father.

Daliya amma had organized milk for Bhim Rao and Rama. Bhim Rao silently sat down. Dailya amma confident Bhim Rao that matters might get higher. Bhim Rao advised her that Ramji had forbid them from getting into his residence again. He wasn’t satisfied with the aid of using parting methods together along with his father. Dailya amma requested him to make an apology to his father, take delivery of all of his needs and go back to training, Rama might also additionally retain together along with her shoe shop. Things might get lower back to normal. Rama agreed. Jijabai requested if Bhim Rao might mislead his father, wont consciousness on his training however as a substitute accumulate money. Dailya amma wondered for distancing father and son from every other. Jijabai got here to take Anand’s shirt, Bhim Rao would possibly have packed it in his luggage. Jijabai requested Bhim Rao what he were given from all his training due to the fact the process he were given changed into identical as Rama’s. Rama answered that Bhim Rao changed into supplied a terrific process however Joshi disrupted. Jijabai changed into at the identical note, that human beings like Joshi might in no way lower back out. Bhim Rao need to earn and stay a higher life.


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