Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In this episode Bhim Rao changed into clueless approximately his situation. He changed into ashamed for what befell to Guruji, the guys threatened to deal with every person similarly. Rams advised Bhim Rao to research from Guruji. She requested him to enroll in every person on dinner, it’d keep away from the argument among Ramji and Anand. Rama went inside. A guy gave Bhim Rao a letter. The letter invited Bhim to turn out to be a freedom fighter, requested him to return back to a sure location.

Joshi requested his guys if Bhim Rao were given the letter or now no longer. He requested his guys to be prepared.

Joku requested Phuliya to go away this house. She refused as she had an identical share. She now no longer willed to sleep outside. Joku threatened to throw her out.

At the dinner, Ramji requested Anand to go away one after the other after becoming a member of the navy. Bhim Rao wondered Ramji. Jijabai refused to allow Anand depart. Anand agreed to shift. Jijabai didn’t need it to happen, she could lose the possibility to get his income. Jijabai protested towards Ramji’s decision. Meera taunted. Ramji requested every person to be silent. Bhim Rao recalled name of the letter he received/
Next morning, he went to the location. Joshi stood in the back of the tree. Men congratulated Bhim Rao for accepting their invite and turning into a freedom fighter. Bhim Rao apologized, he refused to enroll in their stance. A guy grabbed Bhim Roa from in the back of. One guy took a knife out. Bhim Rao wondered why they desired to kill him. They weren’t freedom fighter; Joshi had paid them to turn out to be one. They attempted to stab Bhim Rao and take his life. Meanwhile Rama got here with few guys. Bhim Rao changed into astounded to look her. At night, Rama had examine the letter. Rama pointed the person who brought the letter. Actual freedom combatants wondered the guys, they stuck and beat them. Joshi changed into mad, approximately to go away whilst Rama faced him for sending the guys. Rama stated that he changed into humiliating the nation. Joshi left. Bhim Rao worn-out to prevent the combat whilst one freedom fighter changed into stabbed. The guys flew. Bhim Rao desired to take him to hospital. He refused as Britishers could get to recognize approximately them. Ram advised to take him home, Ramji could have a therapy.

Joku threw Phuliya’s stuff, requested her to go away, Phuilya wondered why she ought to depart the house she built. Notun threatened to throw her out. Magesh pointed Joku for being unfair. Joku taunted Mangesh, stated that Mangesh ought to be happy. Mangesh were given furious, he attacked Joku. Ramj attempted to prevent him. Rama and Bhim Rao got here with the injured guy. Ramji worn-out to therapy his wound. Hitesh concept of asking Joshi to name police, in order that they will arrest Bhim Rao.

Joshi insulted Sethji for his vain employees. His employees got here asking Sethji for help, in any other case police could arrest them. Sethji gave them money, requested them to cover and now no longer take his name. Joshi requested why freedom combatants left them. The guys knowledgeable that they injured one in all their guy and ran away. Joshi changed into glad, he knew that Bhim Rao ought to have taken the person home. He could name the British police, have Bhim Rao arrested.

Anand stopped Hitesh. He wondered for being stopped. Anand refused to allow him depart. Anand didn’t need all of us to recognize that a freedom fighter changed into being cured here. Meera stopped and wondered Hitesh. Daliya amma’s son wondered Anand for having twin attitude due to the fact he changed into becoming a member of the navy. Freedom stated that Bhim Rao wasn’t a traitor. And spoke back that he hasn’t be part of the navy yet, until than he could carry out his responsibilities. It changed into some thing he found out from Ramji and Bhim Rao. Anand left.

Anand is coming to interrupt the bounds, via way of means of turning into Anandi’s new morning.


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