Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In this episode Rama hugged Daliya amma for advising like her mother.

Police got here to get the goons. Bhim Rao thanked the police officer and advised the goons to in no way violate the law. A Barrister protects the law, he might in no way defy it in any other case it’s going to reckon the society.

Ramji and Puranjan have been headed in the direction of the fishpond. Joshi stopped them because the commercial enterprise has ended, there has been quite a few mess for this reason it turned into given to a person else. Joshi forgave their debt, Ramji and Puranjan have been free. They asked for every other process; it turned into their dire need. Joshi requested them to walk the cart however turned into refused. Joshi left. Puranjan turned into involved, Ramji determined to paintings on the identical region as Anand. They taken into consideration his supervisor softhearted who appointed Anand in spite of understanding his caste. Puranjan and Ramji went there.

Barrister carried out medication on his wound. Bhim Rao aske if he ought to apply, Barrister requested him to live away. Bhim Rao might now no longer contact him however use a paper instead. He folded a bit of paper, carried out medication on Barrister’s wound. Bhim Rao turned into requested to select out a blue report. Barrister desired to recognize of Bhim Rao might look for a brand new process or now no longer. The report turned into Barrister’s new case. Barrister understood that Bhim Rao turned into smart, requested him to recognition at the case and discover a solution. Bhim Rao had suffered a lot, he in no way concept of leaving the office. He promised to paintings deliver his fine to the case, thanked Barrister for forgiving him and for assigning him a case. He took the report and left.

Anand turned into working, his supervisor got here and gave him prasad. Anand needed to take it for the reason that supervisor didn’t recognize approximately his caste. Puranjan and Ramji noticed him, Puranjan taken into consideration him a noble guy who didn’t differentiate among the castes. Ramji and Puranjan got here and asked him for a process. Puranjan pleaded for paintings. Sethji inquired approximately their caste. Puranjan knowledgeable that he belonged to the decrease caste. Sethji were given infuriated, requested Anand to ship them away. Sethji left. Puranjan turned into confused, Ramji requested Anand to ship them away. And asked Ramji to leave. Money has modified Ramji and Anand’s caste.

Bhim Rao recalled his efforts to come to be a Barrister and Bhimabai’s dream. He sat in a nook and cried. Rama got here. She requested what involved Bhim Rao. In his childhood, Bhim Rao argue with Ramji due to the fact he noticed a Barrister in a black coat after which wore a black quilt. Next day Bhimabai turned into looking at the black quilt, Bala questioned. Bhimabai stated that she didn’t recognize if Bhim Rao might ever be capable of come to be a Barrister and put on a black coat. if he have become a Barrister, it’d be Bhimabai’s largest accomplishment. Today, Bhim Rao turned into assigned a examine a case, it turned into his first step, however Bhimabai wasn’t here. Rama consoled her, stated that Bhimabai has been looking him as a star. She would really like Bhim Rao crying.

Precap might be introduced later.


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